Iowa Wesleyan College partners with College Raptor to provide prospective students with easy access to accurate estimates of education costs

Customized “Net Price Calculator” brings new level of transparency to college search

Iowa Wesleyan College today announced a strategic partnership with College Raptor which brings a new level of transparency about the affordability of an IWC education to prospective students. Available now at, College Raptor’s Net Price Calculator, which estimates both need and merit-based financial aid, gives students and parents access to a clear picture of the “net price” and value of attending the liberal arts college.

“We are excited to partner with College Raptor to provide students and parents transparent information about the cost and value of an IWC education,” said Scott Briell, senior vice president for enrollment and communications at IWC.  “College Raptor’s Net Price Calculator will also improve our admissions process by helping students and families understand the value of completing their FAFSA – federal student aid –forms, allowing them to receive binding merit and need-based award letters from IWC.”

The Net Price Calculator from College Raptor provides students with accurate results when looking for an estimate of the true cost of attending IWC. With the unique tiered design in College Raptor’s NPC, students who are interested in attending IWC can enter limited information to get an initial estimate or more data to get an improved estimate of their net price.

In addition, by partnering with College Raptor, IWC’s institutional financial aid awards are now automatically considered when candidates use College, the free consumer site. This means that students and parents who visit the site can discover and evaluate IWC based on the most accurate estimate of the net cost available, generating qualified leads for the College.

“IWC and College Raptor share a commitment to ensuring that students and parents have access to clear cost estimates during the college search process,” said College Raptor founder and CEO Bill Staib. “We are proud to partner with IWC to enhance its admissions process with our customized Net Price Calculator.”

About Iowa Wesleyan College

Iowa Wesleyan College, located in Mount Pleasant, Iowa is a fully accredited, coeducational liberal arts college. Founded in 1842, it has a rich history of innovation in education, pioneering in the sciences, educational opportunities for women and service-learning. The academic program at Iowa Wesleyan combines a liberal arts foundation with education in specific career fields, including art, business, English, music, nursing, psychology, teacher education, among others. Service-learning is integrated into the curriculum, ensuring that all students connect classroom learning with service to others. Internships and other field experience opportunities are part of every major, giving students hands-on professional experience before graduation. In addition to the on-campus academic program offering degrees in a variety of majors, Iowa Wesleyan offers evening classes at area community colleges in West Burlington and Muscatine. A growing online program gives students additional opportunities to earn a degree.

About College Raptor, Inc.

College Raptor builds products to help college enrollment managers, high school counselors, prospective students and parents resolve some of the biggest challenges related to college planning, financing and enrollment. Developed by successful tech entrepreneur and father of five William Staib, in collaboration with Richard Ferguson, who served as the CEO of ACT for 22 years, College Raptor is the only college search platform that allows users to estimate their individual “net” cost for attending every four-year college in the United States. As a result, students and their families discover quality college options they might never have considered because of a lack of awareness or financial concerns based on a college’s sticker price.

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