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Student thinking about offer letters

3 Big College Financial Aid Offer Myths

So you have your financial aid letters in hand. Do you fully understand what they say, and know the terms and conditions of the offer? Many students don’t and realize they’ve made a mistake after acceptance – some don’t realize until years down the line! Here are some debunked financial aid offer myths to help …
A woman holding several $100 bills to pay for college

Myth: I Can Fully Pay for College With a Few Scholarships

Many parents and students believe the myth that a student can fully pay for college tuition with just a few scholarships. Sadly, this is not the case. While scholarships can definitely be helpful and can go a long way towards paying tuition, it is extremely rare for it to cover the entire cost. Join us …
Recycle symbol - beware recycling college scholarship essays. Reusing essays may not be the best idea

Myth: I Can Just Reuse Essays On Multiple Scholarships

The essay is arguably the most important component of your scholarship application. It’s a chance to tell your story and help you stand out among all the other applicants. but writing them is also time-consuming. This is where many applicants are tempted to reuse the same college scholarship essay on multiple applications. It’s understandable; so …
Pen and dollar sign - you may ask yourself: why do most student loans involve a cosigner?

Myth: Student Loan Cosigners Help You Pay Off The Loan

Most college students who take out private student loans will need a cosigner in order to be approved for the funds. So what exactly does a cosigner do when it comes time to repay the loan?  Myth: Student Loan Cosigners Help You Pay Off The Loan If you’re hoping the cosigner is a buddy who …
Student loan debt consolidation is different from refinancing

Myth: Student Loan Consolidation is the Same as Refinancing

Just because student loan debt consolidation and refinancing are often mentioned together, does not mean the terms are interchangeable. In fact, the two services are quite different. Student Loan Consolidation Consolidate: combine a number of things into a single or more effective whole. That is exactly what student loan consolidation does. It takes multiple student …