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Myth: I Can Just Reuse Essays On Multiple Scholarships

Recycle symbol - beware recycling college scholarship essays. Reusing essays may not be the best idea myths
The essay is arguably the most important component of your scholarship application. It’s a chance to tell your story and help you stand out among all the other applicants. but writing them is also time-consuming. This is where many applicants are tempted to reuse the same college scholarship essay on multiple applications. It’s understandable; so …
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Myth: I Won’t Earn Scholarships Because My Parents Make Too Much Money

There's a common myth that you won't earn scholarships because your parents make too much money myths
When it comes to college, students look everywhere for financial aid. That includes scholarships. Unfortunately, many students fall prey to the myth that because their parents have a certain income, they won’t earn scholarships or even be eligible for many other forms of financial aid. However, that myth costs them significant gift aid money. With …
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Myth: Student Loan Consolidation is the Same as Refinancing

Student loan debt consolidation is different from refinancing myths
Just because student loan debt consolidation and refinancing are often mentioned together, does not mean the terms are interchangeable. In fact, the two services are quite different. Student Loan Consolidation Consolidate: combine a number of things into a single or more effective whole. That is exactly what student loan consolidation does. It takes multiple student …
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Myth: If I Match Most of a Scholarship’s Requirements, I Can Still Be Eligible

scholarship checklist myths
Submitting a scholarship application is a lot like submitting a resume. You’ll give them your name, your experience, answer some questions, and might even have an interview. So it follows that if you don’t 100% meet all the requirements on a scholarship, you can still submit your application…right? Apply for Scholarship for College Meeting All …
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Myth: I Should Start Searching for Scholarships During Senior Year

Students holding open textbooks against their legs. myths
Did you know you can win a scholarship as early as kindergarten? That’s right, scholarships aren’t just for graduating high school seniors. This means you don’t have to wait until senior year to start searching for, applying to, and winning scholarships—and here’s why you shouldn’t wait: Start as Early as Possible Ideally, you should start …
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3 Myths About Financial Aid

A portrait of a young man wearing a red graduation gown with his mom on his side. myths
There are plenty of misunderstandings when it comes to financial aid for college, particularly when it involves the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, also known as the FAFSA. Here are just three you may have heard: FAFSA Equals Free Money Some parents and students apply for the FAFSA under the impression that any offers …
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