Myth: Winning a Scholarship Lowers Your Offer Letter Money

This myth is only partly true. Winning a scholarship will lower your offer letter money. But this ONLY applies to your offer letter money. Which are the funds allotted to you by the school you choose to attend. It has absolutely no bearing on the total amount of scholarship money or any other funding that you can receive during any academic year. There is no cap to the number of scholarships that you can apply for and no limit to the amount of scholarship money you can win during any one year.

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Don’t hold yourself back on government scholarship applications!

If you have won money through one or more scholarships, don’t hold yourself back from applying for more. In fact, you should apply to all scholarships that you qualify for. This is free money! The scholarship money you win will cover the financial gap from the lower institutional aid that you receive. It does take time to look for and apply to scholarships but the money you receive is free, which makes it completely worth it.

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Explore all types of scholarships.

Don’t just look for scholarships based solely on academic merit or athletic skills. While these tend to be huge scholarships, they are also highly competitive. When looking for scholarships, check out all opportunities that you may qualify for, including those based on race, color, culture, religious and affiliations. Of course, don’t forget these unique scholarships too.

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