Myth: Only Federal Loans Have Forbearance Options


A lot has been written about forbearance options being one of the many benefits of federal student loans but what is generally overlooked is the fact that some private lenders also offer borrowers this option. Forbearance Options Forbearance allows you to postpone your monthly payments temporarily for a fixed period of time. This can come …

Myth: Are We Paying Student Loan Debt For 30 Years?

student loan debt myths

While being saddled with student loan debt for up to 30 years can happen, it’s not the norm despite what you may hear. With some smart choices and strategic planning, you can actually pay off all your loans within a few years of earning your bachelor’s degree. Here’s how. Maximize Financial Aid The less you …

More Myths About Student Loan Refinance And Consolidation


When looking for ways to manage your loan repayment you will come across the terms ‘refinancing’ and ‘consolidation’. While both of these are offer practical alternatives to managing your student loans, they may not always be the best option for all borrowers. Moreover, there are several myths out about student loan refinance and consolidation that …

5 More Scholarship Myths 


You’ve read about the 5 most common scholarship myths that stop many students from applying for free money that could be used to pay for college. Unfortunately, those aren’t the only scholarship myths out there. We’ve put together 5 more scholarship myths that you should not to believe in. Myth #1: I can apply for …

Myth: I Don’t Need to Look for Scholarships, My College Will Provide Financial Aid

find scholarships myths

When it comes to scholarships, there are three major sources: the federal government, the colleges, and outside organizations / individuals. While colleges can indeed provide hefty financial aid packages that can greatly reduce your tuition cost, they probably won’t be able to cover the full amount. Find Colleges For Scholarship Search Scholarships are the best …

How To Apply For College Scholarship | Myth: Scholarship Competition Is So Intense I’ll Never Win Anything

how to apply for college scholarship myths

It’s hardly surprising that there is competition for scholarships. If you prioritize your financial aid, it is free money after all! Unfortunately the thought of competing with hundreds of other applicants acts as a deterrent to many students who decide it just not worth jumping into the fray, as they are not likely to win …