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Myth: Only Federal Loans Have Forbearance Options

A lot has been written about forbearance options being one of the many benefits of federal student loans but what is generally overlooked is the fact that some private lenders also offer borrowers this option. Forbearance Options Forbearance allows you to postpone your monthly payments temporarily for a fixed period of time. This can come …
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Myth: Private Loans Can Qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Public Service Loan Forgiveness can be quite a relief. myths
Qualifying for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) can be a huge relief for federal loan borrowers. After some hard work in the public service sphere, graduates can find their debt vanishing. So, if students with private loans do the same thing—work as teachers, enlist in the military, work for the government, join a non-profit—could …
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More Myths About Student Loan Refinance And Consolidation

Pile of three bronze coins over a pile of dollar bills. myths
When looking for ways to manage your loan repayment you will come across the terms ‘refinancing’ and ‘consolidation’. While both of these are offer practical alternatives to managing your student loans, they may not always be the best option for all borrowers. Moreover, there are several myths out about student loan refinance and consolidation that …
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5 More Scholarship Myths 

A woman is looking at her laptop with her hand is holding her face. myths
You’ve read about the 5 most common scholarship myths that stop many students from applying for free money that could be used to pay for college. Unfortunately, those aren’t the only scholarship myths out there. We’ve put together 5 more scholarship myths that you should not to believe in. Myth #1: I can apply for …
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Myth: Federal Student Loan Repayment Plans are Rigid and Inflexible

Federal student loan repayment plans are much more flexible than you think myths
The government is infamous for its red tape and paperwork. It can sometimes feel like you’re doing back-flips and jumping through hoops just to get things done. Add that mentality to student loans, and it’s no surprise that many people avoid federal student loans. Federal student loan repayment plans are inflexible and have strict rules, …
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Myth: I Don’t Need to Look for Scholarships, My College Will Provide Financial Aid

You don't need scholarships, or do you? myths
You may think that because your college provides financial aid, you don’t need to search for scholarships. After all, wouldn’t your financial aid cover all your college costs? Well, that’s actually not true and you definitely want to find some scholarships. When it comes to scholarships, there are three major sources: the federal government, the …
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