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College Myth: I Have to Fill Out Hundreds of Applications and Essays to Try to Get Scholarships

Charts showing that only 13% of students get scholarships from private sources myths
Teachers and counselors encourage many of their students to search the internet and apply for as many scholarships as possible. Teachers and counselors push students to get scholarships — as many as they can. This can be helpful for some students, but it’s usually not the most efficient way to reduce your cost of college. …
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College Myth: College Isn’t Worth the Price

Statistics showing the value of a college degree: 170% increase in wages, $1,000,000 additional lifetime income, 10 years to recoup the cost of an average undergraduate degree, 47% less likely to be unemployed. It's a myth that college isn't worth the price myths
Accounting for inflation, the annual cost of college has more than doubled since 1980. With the average cost of attendance at private colleges now at $42,419, it’s no wonder people question the investment value and think college isn’t worth the price. Not only is the cost of college rising, many students are forced to take …
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