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Chart showing the distribution of student loan debt by what percentage of students have what amount of debt at graduation. College is for rich kids -- not.

College Myth: College is for Rich Kids

You’ve probably heard horror stories about students who pay $60,000 plus every year to attend college. If you’re an average middle-class college hopeful, this can be disheartening. It seems like college is for rich kids only, and not as accessible to other students. The good news is that the most-often quoted price–the sticker price–is paid …
Students think that they can never afford an Ivy League college, but they actually can

College Myth: I Could Never Afford to Pay for an Ivy League College

Most students who consider attending an Ivy League college, like Harvard and Stanford, think of them as dream schools. Even some well-qualified students shy away from applying. They think they could never afford an Ivy League college. The good news is that, for most students, Ivy League colleges and other elite, selective universities are often actually …
It's a myth that you should wait until you're accepted to apply for financial aid

College Myth: I Should Wait Until I’m Accepted to Apply for Financial Aid

Applying for financial aid can be tough. Beyond the complicated jargon and long forms, financial aid is tricky. Not only that, there’s a lot of conflicting and misguided advice. For example, most people think that they should apply for financial aid after they get accepted. However, this isn’t usually the right approach. We broke down …
Statistics showing the value of a college degree: 170% increase in wages, $1,000,000 additional lifetime income, 10 years to recoup the cost of an average undergraduate degree, 47% less likely to be unemployed. It's a myth that college isn't worth the price

College Myth: College Isn’t Worth the Price

Accounting for inflation, the annual cost of college has more than doubled since 1980. With the average cost of attendance at private colleges now at $42,419, it’s no wonder people question the investment value and think college isn’t worth the price. Not only is the cost of college rising, many students are forced to take …