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Olivia Pittman is a Research and Content specialist at College Raptor. All of those questions you've been thinking about while looking for a college? Olivia digs in and finds answers.

PSA: What Your PSAT Score Tells You and What It Means For You

psat text ACT & SAT
Approximately 3.6 million high school sophomores and juniors take the PSAT (preliminary SAT) each year. In addition to qualifying students for National Merit Scholarships, the test is also an indicator for college entrance exam preparedness. The test is administered each year in mid-October and score reports come out in December. The PSAT is meant to …
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15 Surprisingly Affordable Colleges for Midwestern Middle Class Families

low cost universities affordability & college cost
Many middle class families in the Midwest think that their only affordable college options are the state schools. While these may be great options, they are certainly not the only affordable schools for these students and families. Before we jump in to which colleges we found to be most affordable for middle class Midwestern families, it’s important …
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What’s the Difference Between a College and a University?

So, what's the difference between a college and a university? questions & answers
So, what’s the difference between a college and a university? Short answer: the degrees awarded, but there’s so much more than that. In the United States, people sometimes use the terms “college” and “university” interchangeably to describe institutions which provide post-secondary education. While there is no official distinction between the words, there may be situations …
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8 Scholarships for Students in Tennessee

Foggy mountains at sunrise in Tennessee. scholarships
The Volunteer State is home to over 70 colleges and universities, and if you’re planning to attend one, you’re probably also looking for ways to cover the costs. Luckily, a number of scholarships are available to students in Tennessee, both from the state government and from independent organizations. Ned McWherter Scholars Program Amount: $6,000 (renewable) …
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How To Improve Your ACT Score

If you took a practice ACT or sat for the actual test, you may have been unpleasantly surprised by how you scored. If you find yourself in this situation, the good news is that there are steps you can take to achieving a better score. Practice and evaluate why you’re missing questions Take a practice …
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Studying For The ACT & SAT Online

Nowadays, there's online ACT and SAT prep. ACT & SAT
For a long time, test prep consisted of holing up with a giant book and answering practice question after practice question. Now, online platforms offer test prep that is more convenient and interactive, making it a lot more difficult to find an excuse not to prepare. At the same time, though, finding the right platform …
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Should You Retake the ACT?

The new PSAT is a bit different from the old one in terms of scoring. ACT & SAT
Wondering if you should retake the ACT? Many students benefit from retakes—in fact, 57 percent of students score higher when they take the test more than once! Retaking may not be necessary for everyone, but here are some things to consider when deciding whether you should. A higher score can increase more than your admissions …
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Yale ACT & SAT Scores: What It Takes To Get In

Yale University offers full-ride scholarships (free tuition). ACT & SAT
As an Ivy League university, it makes sense that Yale is one of the most competitive colleges to gain admission to in the country. Each year, Yale receives around 31,000 applications for their freshman class of around 1,300 students. All told, Yale accepts just over 6 percent of students who apply. One important part of …
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Vanderbilt University ACT & SAT Scores: What It Takes To Get In

Vanderbilt University ACT & SAT
Nearly 30,000 students apply to Vanderbilt University in Nashville each year. Of these, just under 4,000 students are accepted, for a 13 percent admissions rate. VU’s admissions committee requires either an ACT or an SAT score. If you take SAT subjects tests, you can submit them with your application for consideration as well, but they’re …
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