What It Takes To Get A Perfect Score on the ACT or SAT

Everyone would be happy if they could get a perfect score on the ACT or SAT. While high scores on these tests comes naturally to some people, it’s not the case for most. If you want a perfect score, you have to be prepared for it. Here’s what it takes to get that perfect number.

Perfect ACT Score & SAT Score


Before anything else, you absolutely need dedication to score perfectly on either the ACT or SAT. Preparation for the exam is going to take a lot of your time and energy and if you’re not absolutely dedicated to this goal, it’s probably not going to happen.

Understand exactly why you want that perfect score before you get started. Is there a reason you want to score so highly? Write out your reasons before you start studying. When the work gets tough or you get discouraged, refer to the list to motivate yourself. Also know that you may have to take the test more than twice to achieve your goal.

Studying Correctly

Now comes the studying for the ACT or SAT. Practice tests are a big part of studying correctly, but they’re not the whole picture. You shouldn’t be taking practice test after practice test. Instead, pause between each exam. Review your results and understand where you got things wrong. Then practice your weaker areas.

It’s essential that you completely understand why you got a question wrong (or why you had to skip it). Between each practice test, focus on those weaker areas and make sure you’re improving. You may have to seek outside help, through a tutor, teacher, or other source, if you find you’re struggling on some factors of the SAT or ACT.

Start Speeding Up

While getting the questions correct is absolutely a must when it comes to scoring perfectly, you also need to work quickly. You’ll want time to review each answer during the real test, so you should be working that fast during the practice exams.

Time yourself each time you take the practice SAT or ACT. You should have time to spare to review your answers when you reach the end of a section. This will help ensure you didn’t make any careless mistakes or other errors. You should also have some extra time to go back and review any questions you may have skipped because they were too difficult.

Earning a perfect score on the SAT or ACT is no easy feat. It requires real dedication, time, energy, and effort. You have to be sure you want it before you get started. Once you understand your reasoning, practice, practice, practice. Review your answers and work on getting faster and stronger in your weaker areas. Remember that you may have to take the tests more than twice. But also keep in mind: It’s okay if you don’t earn that perfect score in the end. Be happy knowing you improved and you tried your best. Good luck!

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