FREE Resources for ACT/SAT Test Prep

We are about to shine the spotlight on nine valuable SAT ACT prep resources that are helpful, convenient, user-friendly, smart, and (best of all) completely free. Here’s why.:

There’s no doubt about it—the ACT and SAT are incredibly important tests. With so much riding on your score—college admittance, scholarships, potential jobs or internships, etc. You’ll want to be as ready as possible when test day comes. And even if your dream school has gone “test optional,” it may still be a good idea to sit for one of the exams

Sure, there are many prep options out there, like tutors, online courses, practice tests, prep books, and video lectures, but all of those can get expensive. SAT and ACT prep resources can sometimes cost upwards of $1,000! And tutors can charge by the hour. All of this can add up quickly.

Never fear! Our SAT ACT prep resources are here!:

SAT/ACT Prep Online Resources


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This fantastic site allows users to view tutorials, answer practice questions, create flashcards, and so much more in preparation for the ACT or SAT. The course is customized and adapts based on the user’s skill level. It keeps track of what they’ve studied and how well they’re doing. There is even immediate feedback for every incorrect answer on a practice test. The user can learn from their mistake and push forward towards a better score. has features from a vocabulary builder to a study plan email system. Every aspect of the site is designed to help students prepare to the best of their abilities. One user commented, “I couldn’t believe this when my friend told me that I can study for SAT using the computer. But now after studying something I can say that it is really helpful. THANK YOU very much for making this cool website.”

2. Kaplan Test Prep 

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Kaplan offers students a wealth of educational help in the form of tutoring and comprehensive courses. However, they also offer this test prep gem – a free online SAT or ACT practice test with a score review. By registering for one of the online test dates, students can gain a valuable look into what their chosen test will feel like.

Kaplan also has several informational sessions where students and parents alike can ask all of their questions about the ACT, SAT, PSAT, and even college applications, in addition to paid resources.

3. PrepFactory

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This awesome site offers a revolutionary and unique take on test prep. By implementing experience points (XP) and a level-up system, PrepFactory engages with students and makes the studying process not only rewarding but fun. Students can earn XP by watching videos, taking practice tests, and answering questions correctly.

PrepFactory focuses on two things: quality and convenience. They select the best instructors and are dedicated to ensuring the student has an easy and worthwhile experience using their site.

4. SparkNotes

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In addition to providing invaluable notes, summaries, and analyses of books you may or may not have mostly just skimmed through, SparkNotes also offers in-depth information about the entrance exams. SparkNotes is one-stop-shopping (with a grand total of costing you $0.00) for any and all questions you have about the ACT/SAT. With a comprehensive breakdown of the tests, how they’re graded, guides to each section, and strategies, SparkNotes is a great tool to use.

In addition to all that info, the site also offers SAT subject quizzes, tips and tricks for both tests, sample questions, and a thorough guide to just about every aspect of the tests you can think of.

5. Official ACT and SAT Websites

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What better place to learn all you can about the entrance exams than their very own websites? ACT takers can learn about test tips, read descriptions of the subjects tested, view sample questions, and browse through a downloadable booklet that contains a practice test, scoring key, test info, and more. ACT also has links to other prep opportunities, some of which do cost money, but their free resources are a great help, too.

For the SAT students, the official site and sponsor of the SAT, College Board, offers study guides, study plans, practice tests, information on what you’ll be tested on, and a breakdown of the exam. Additionally, the College Board website provides a bunch of tips, tricks, strategies, suggestions, and more on how to take the exam.

There are also official apps you can download onto your phone from both sources, such as the ACT Online Prep app designed for the iPad. In this particular example, you can access short form practice tests, personalized learning paths, practice questions, built-in games, practice test resources to help simulate the experience of the real deal, and dashboards that monitor your progress.

6. The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review has several free ACT and SAT prep resources, including strategy sessions, classes, practice tests, and more. You’ll be able to access in-depth score reports to identify your strengths and weaknesses. And, if you’d like, you can take advantage of their free trials for SAT and ACT prep, which includes a self-paced program, drills, video lessons, and more.

7. Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors is known as a tutoring site, but they also offer free ACT and SAT prep resources. You can find practice tests, diagnostic tests, and other resources that will help you improve your entrance exam scores! And, if you’d like, you can create your own tests and flashcards so you can study what’s more important to you.

8. Khan Academy

Khan Academy features a number of SAT prep tools thanks to their partnership with the College Board. Although they don’t offer any official resources of the ACT, the SAT and ACT have some overlap, so these tools may prove useful to you after all.

Practice tests, personalized practice recommendations, and other resources can be used on Khan Academy. The site is also a fantastic tool for brushing up on your other areas of study!

9. Your School

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Many schools offer ACT/SAT review sessions for materials you maybe haven’t covered in a while. It’s always a good idea to take advantage of these sessions to dust off and polish those skills. The review sessions allow students to take notes, practice, study with peers, and ask the teachers clarifying questions.


Hopefully, one of the very cost-effective entries on this list has inspired you to take the bull by the horns and get ready for that entrance exam. Many of these resources also have paid options if you decide to spend a little bit of cash on your prep. Whether you’re taking the ACT or SAT — study hard, prep well, and good luck!

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