Is Khan Academy Good For SAT Prep (+ Other Top Resources)

The Khan Academy is a great resource for the SAT! It offers a number of features and tools to help you study for this standardized exam. They also have resources for educators and parents. Check out all the benefits, plus a few other resources you can take advantage of:

Is the Khan Academy a Good Way to Study for the SAT? 

Khan AcademyYes! Khan Academy offers personalized and interactive tools and resources for SAT study and prep. The site gives students a tailored practice plan based on their practice scores or previous scores. To help you prep there are practice questions, videos, lessons, test taking tips, strategy tips (including on time management), advice for particular sections of the exam, articles, and hints. You’ll also get feedback to help you improve!

Khan Academy also partners with the College Board to offer eight real practice exams as well as content created from the partnership. It was found that those who use the Official SAT Practice for six hours or more scored 39 points higher.

These tools and resources are all free. Educators can use SAT coach tools, as well.

What Are Some Other SAT Prep Resources?

 There are a number of resources available to students when it comes to SAT prep. A few others include

College Board

College Board actually hosts the SAT, and, as such, they have a number of tools and tips for students to take their test. They offer a number of practice tests that you can download (and print, if you would like), study guides, advice for taking the SAT, tips on creating a study group, and information about target scores. The site also contains resources for educators and parents.

If you’d rather have more physical study tools, you might want to opt for “The Official SAT Study Guide” by College Board available on Amazon. It has eight practice tests and can actually be used with Khan Academy. There is also a chapter on the PSAT.


PrepScholar is another online option that can help with your SAT prep. However, unlike the College Board and Khan Academy, it is not free. They do, though, offer a money back guarantee if you do not improve your score by 160 points!

PrepScholar helps students understand their strengths, weaknesses, and abilities. They also offer free SAT consultations, hours of lessons, over 7,000 realistic practice questions, videos, and more.

SAT: Practice, Prep, Flashcards

Want to study for the SAT on the go? Khan Academy offers an app for your phone, but for an additional resource, check out SAT: Practice, Prep, Flashcards for the iPhone and Google Play. Easy to use, you can work through specific subjects, materials, and flashcards. They also have a Question of the Day. And it’s free!

You don’t want to go into the SAT blindly. Whether you opt for Khan Academy or PrepScholar, these resources can give you the base and knowledge you need to improve your SAT score going forward. Many colleges are looking for specific SAT scores from their students, too, and taking the time to improve your result can pay off big time.

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