Guide to Khan Academy (And How It Can Help Your Education)

For the classroom-loving students in the room, more school outside of school may sound super fun. And for the not-so-classroom-loving students, it may not sound so appealing.

Regardless of how you initially feel, it can boost your education. Let’s rewrite the script on outside-of-the-classroom learning. This resource may just become your new best friend so let’s discuss how to use Khan Academy and all the benefits that come with it. 

Khan Academy, What Is It?

Khan Academy is a non-profit internet-based company that provides free online materials to students and learners around the world. Whether you are looking to pick up an extra skill, become proficient in something you already know, or need extra help with a subject, Khan Academy has you covered.

It was founded in 2005 by Salman Khan with the belief that “you can learn anything.” Khan Academy has a variety of courses in subjects such as math, computer science, art history, economics, science, and life skills. They even have test prep courses (SAT, Praxis, LSAT).

Khan Academy’s learning approach covers a wide variety of different methods. They recognize that every learner is unique and progresses at their own pace. The dynamic learning experience offers practice exercises, instructive videos, and a personalized learning dashboard. They want their learners not only to be exposed to the material but to also build strong foundations and understand the concepts clearly. Some educational institutions are even using Khan Academy in the classroom

Maximize Your Khan Experience

Maximizing your Khan Academy experience will also maximize your learning experience. Here are a few tips and tricks to get the most out of your Khan Academy courses and take your education to the next level:

1. Set Goals

In education, setting goals will help you succeed. Begin your Khan journey by setting achievable goals and establishing a consistent practice schedule. This will help you visualize the progress you are making and at what pace you want to be making that progress. 

Remember, it is okay to adjust and alter your goals. If setting goals is new to you, you may not know where to start with an achievable goal. Set a goal that makes sense to you and your life schedule (i.e. school, sports, recreation, etc.).

2. Take Effective Notes

Unlike a teacher or professor who may move too quickly or slowly for you to take effective notes, Khan Academy uses videos that allow you to pause, jot down what you want to remember and resume again. Not sure how to take effective notes? Check out this article on How To Take Great Notes.

3. Ask For Help

I’m sure we’ve all heard a teacher say, at one point or another, to ‘use your resources.’ Well… they weren’t wrong. Khan Academy has a community filled with valuable assistance and insights from fellow learners to help you out every step of the way. Use all the resources that Khan provides to maximize your learning.

4. Embrace the Challenge

Learning is not always easy. It takes dedication and hard work to master new skills and subjects. Be patient with yourself! Understand that by beginning your Khan Academy journey you are already making a positive impact on your education. Give yourself a pat on the back for persistently pursuing knowledge to further achieve your academic goals.

5. Make It a Personal Experience

The best way to use Khan Academy is to make it your own personal experience. From K-14, you can choose the level of content you wish to begin learning. No matter your age—you’re never too young or too old to learn!

You can customize your learning journey to match your preferred style, pace, and preferences. Khan Academy believes in personalized learning. They recognize that every learner is unique and progresses at their own pace. This flexibility will enable you to tailor your educational journey.

Khan Academy is great for every learner because you get to decide what you want to learn, where you want to learn, and when you want to learn it. 

The Value of Khan For Education

Beyond the typical math, English, and science, Khan Academy’s web of subjects and topics continues to grow and build off one another. You can continuously take your learning further, deeper, and wider. Khan Academy provides value to your education by going beyond what the normal classroom environment can provide. 

Khan Academy wants you to enjoy learning. Their online platform can be accessed anywhere and anytime, without financial burden. Yes… you heard that right, Khan Academy is entirely free for all learners. It’s dedicated to fostering intellectual growth.

How to Get Started

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use Khan Academy and get started today:

1. Visit the Website:

Open your browser and navigate to

2. Sign Up or Log In

If you’re new to Khan Academy, click on the “Sign Up” button to create your account. Provide the required information or use your existing account to log in.

3. Choose Your Subjects

Once logged in, you’ll be greeted by a wide array of subjects. Click on the “Courses” tab at the top left corner of the site to explore the available subject categories. Browse through the subjects that interest you. Click on a subject to access the available units or topics within it. Within a subject, you’ll find a list of units or lessons. Click on a unit that you want to learn more about or review.

4. Access Learning Materials

Inside the selected unit, you’ll find various resources, including videos, articles, practice exercises, and quizzes. Click on the resources you want to explore.

5. Set Goals and Track Progress

Click on “Goals” to set your learning objectives. Khan Academy’s dashboard allows you to monitor your progress and achievements. Adjust the pace of your learning by speeding up or slowing down videos. You can also revisit topics to reinforce your understanding.

6. Engage with the Community

Beneath videos and exercises, you’ll find a comment section where you can ask questions or engage in discussions with other learners. If you encounter challenges, consult the Khan Academy Help Center or seek assistance from the community.

7. Celebrate Achievements and Keep Learning

As you complete units, exercises, and quizzes, take a moment to celebrate your accomplishments and progress. Khan Academy is a continuous journey. Keep exploring, learning, and growing!

Learning Awaits 

The possibilities are endless in what you can learn through Khan Academy. If you’re looking for more college tips and resources, we’re here to help! Visit College Raptor to learn more about college planning and other educational tools like Khan Academy by browsing our blog

Happy learning!

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