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10 Awesome Podcasts for High School Students

Podcasts are taking the world by storm and they’re not just for typical adult topics. They range in a variety of topics and are very informative, especially for high school students who want to hear about all things college and beyond. Podcasts aren’t boring conversations anymore! There are science podcasts, thought-provoking podcasts, and even funny …
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What Is The TEAS Exam For Nursing

The TEAS exam for nursing is a standardized admission test that is developed and administered by the Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI). TEAS stands for Test of Essential Academic Skills.  What Is The Purpose Of The TEAS Exam? The TEAS exam tests a student’s readiness for advanced programs in the health sciences, primarily nursing. It is often …
Your college applications are a huge part of going to college. Here's what you should and shouldn't include in a college application.
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What is Direct Admission?

You’re likely familiar with the admissions and application process at colleges – submit applications, wait for acceptance (or rejection) letters, and accept or decline the colleges’ offers. And that’s how many students will approach the application process. But there’s a new game in town – direct admissions. What is it though, what does it mean …
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What Happens if You Miss a College Application Deadline?

College applications should always be turned in on time. For many schools, it is impossible to turn in applications past the deadline (usually January 1st). However, mistakes, and life, happen. You may have experienced a technical issue that didn’t allow you to submit your application, you could have had an emergency, you were waiting on …
What are some of the benefits of going to college online if you're a veteran?
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6 Great Alternatives to Traditional 4-Year College

Is a traditional four-year college program just not for you at the moment? Whether you don’t know what you want to do career-wise or the idea of four years in college straight out of high school, there are options available to you! Check out some great alternatives to traditional college below. Why should you consider …