5 Learning Websites You Haven’t Heard Of…Yet

You may not have heard of these learning websites until now.

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We live in a world where we must continually learn, grow, and adapt to our surroundings.

This might mean learning how to code so you can get a new job. Or, perhaps you’re a college student that needs some extra help in the required statistics course. Maybe you’re just a nerd, like me, and love learning about different ecosystems and why fish have weird, fishy habits.

Regardless of your situation, and what you’re setting out to learn, there are a plethora of online learning websites, and many of them offer free courses. So here is a list of a few really cool websites you can log in to and take anything from a semester-long course to a self-paced certificate program.

1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is unique in that it offers courses for all age groups. The math category alone ranges from kindergarten to multivariable calculus.

You can pick anything within your major class subjects (e.g., math, history, science, etc.) and Khan Academy has a library of lessons for it.

Most classes are taught via video, but there are also progress check quizzes within each subject.

The best part? It’s all FREE.

2. edX

edX partners with top universities like MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, and Columbia to provide access to online courses.

Courses are offered from every subject imaginable. Think of an obscure college class. Chances are, you can find something similar to it on edX. A few of my favorites are Dog Behavior and Cognition, China and the Modern World, and Respiration in the Human Body.

You have the option of taking the class just for fun, or for a fee, you can receive a certificate of completion.

3. Canvas Network

All you need to enroll in the Canvas Network is a valid email address. Through this website, you have access to online courses from not only colleges and universities, but also different organizations from around the world.

Some courses, depending on the instructor, will offer a certificate of completion. Classes also vary in duration and format.

A few catchy course titles on Canvas are Innovative Cascadia Poetry, Preparing for a Career in Nursing, and Emotional Toughness Training.

4. Better Explained

If you need help with any kind of math under the sun, Better Explained is the website for you.

Having trouble understanding what the teacher is saying in class? Needed it worded a different way? Check this page for another explanation. Or, if you really wish you would have learned how to apply the Pythagorean Theorem to real-life situations, check back for a refresher.

5. No Excuse List

The title of this website cracks me up. You literally have no excuse not to learn something–the No Excuse List lays it all out for you. I really like this website because it is well organized.

Their website is essentially a list of resources you can use to find content you’d like to learn. For example, one of the first links is to Khan Academy and edX is listed right below. But they take it one step further and break it down by category (e.g., cooking, eBooks, computer programing, art, etc.).

If you’re curious about a subject you considering taking as an elective, or you’re thinking about changing majors, browse through some of these websites. Maybe take a class about computer programming to see if you like it before turning your world upside-down.

You can take these classes at any age too. If you are the parent of a gifted student (or are a student yourself) take a class that isn’t offered at your school. These also make for great, laid-back learning during the summer.

What websites do you use? If you know of a website that I didn’t list here that’s great for learning on the side, leave us a comment! We would love to learn something new, and I’m sure our readers would too.

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