Can I Submit My ACT / SAT Scores To A College I Haven’t Applied To Yet?

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Yes, you can submit SAT scores and ACT scores to colleges even before you submit your application, but you should know that it will not necessarily give you the edge where your admission is concerned. The only benefit you get from the early submission of your test score is that you will save some money.


What Happens To Your ACT / SAT Score If You Submit It Early

Worried colleges trash all test scores they receive without an accompanying application? Rest assured, they won’t. Colleges know why and get test scores coming in months before the admission cycle starts.

Every college has its own unique system for filing away the early test scores that they receive. They save all of the scores until the applications start to come in. When your application comes in, they will check if they have the scores on record to match the application. If they do, the scores are put together as part of your application and processed accordingly.

As a precautionary measure, it is a good idea to follow up with the college to make sure that they have received your test scores.

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