Can You Submit a Second ACT / SAT Score to Schools?

Can you send SAT scores and ACT scores from the second time you took the tests?

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Many students take the ACT and/or SAT more than once in order to improve their score, acceptance odds, and potential for more scholarships! But can you send SAT scores and ACT scores from when you took the tests again?

But can you submit more than one test score?

Different colleges have different approaches when it comes to submitting ACT/SAT scores. Some schools require students to send in all of their test scores, while others allow the student to choose which scores they want to send.

Sometimes you can send your best scores

It’s easy if you are applying to a school that gives you the option of sending only the ACT/SAT scores you want them to see. In this case, you can send them only your best score even if you have taken the test multiple times.

Other times you can super-score

If you are applying to a school that requires you to submit all of your ACT/SAT scores, you have no choice. You will have to send them the scores of every standardized test you take, regardless of how high or low your results. When you send multiple scores, you needn’t worry that your low scores will cost you the admission though. Although schools may ask you to send all scores, they usually only look at your best score.

Super-scoring means they take the highest scores regardless of which test it came from. So if you scored higher on your math section the first time, but higher on the reading the second, they’ll take your first math and second reading scores.

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