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The short answer is yes, you can submit videos as part of your college application (for certain colleges, not all accept them). Whereas earlier, video applicants were a common a requirement for applications to art and design schools, nowadays they are being accepted by more and more 4-year colleges. This is great news if you are applying to college as it gives you yet another way to make your application stand out.

So Should You Submit a Video in Your College App?

Keep in mind however, that only some colleges consider videos as an alternative to the written essay, while others treat video essays as a supplement to the traditional written application. This means you will have to submit a written essay and use the video essay to give your application an additional boost. The key of course, is to do it right.

Keep these three tips in mind when creating a video essay to submit as part of your college application:

  • Make a video that is unique without being gimmicky. You want to be remembered for the right reasons.
  • Take the trouble to create a script that reveals something significant about you that is relevant to the program you are applying to.
  • Shoot from close up and show your face clearly in the video. It will help the viewer put a face to the name, and make your essay more memorable.

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