When You Should Submit Your EA/ED Application

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If you’re certain you want to attend a school, you may consider applying Early Action or Early Decision. Deadlines for these are before regular applications come due. Here’s what you should know about EA/ED application deadlines.

Pay Attention to the EA/ED Application Deadlines

The first thing you want to pay attention to when it comes to EA/ED applications is the deadline. If you are applying through Early Decision, it’s binding if you’re accepted (meaning you must attend the college). Therefore you should only be applying ED to one school. However, this means you only have one deadline to pay attention to.

If you’re applying through Early Action, you may be applying to a few different schools, so make sure you note each deadline down, as they may vary.

When To Submit Your EA/ED Application

Now that you know the deadlines for your EA/ED applications, it’s time to plan ahead. You’ll want to submit your application in well before that date.

There are a few reasons you’ll want to approach it this way.

Gives You Time To Actually Complete the Application

First, there will be many components needed for your application. You’ll most likely have to write an essay, which will take time to brainstorm, research, write, and review. You’ll also want it reviewed by a peer or teacher.

Your application will also require letters of recommendation. When you ask your teachers or other adults in your life for these, they’ll appreciate knowing they have time to write the letters and not have to rush. If you’re in the final days before the deadline, the teachers you asked may not have enough time to complete it for you. Asking early ensures that you’re giving them plenty of time to write the letter.

Prevents Last Minute Disasters

Turning in your EA/ED application well before the deadline also prevents last minute disasters. Murphy’s law is a good one to put here. “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.” If you wait until last minute, you could run into issues with your application, realize you forgot a component of the app, or simply wrote the deadline down incorrectly. It’s also entirely possible to find your internet is down, your computer won’t turn on, or the college’s website is giving back errors when you go to submit.

By turning it in early, you can easily fix these issues if they arise and it’s not a last minute panic with frantic phone calls to try to correct the situation. It’s best to get it done early and keep the stress away.

Turning in your Early Action and Early Decision applications before the deadline approaches can help reduce the stress during this busy time in your life. Creating a schedule can help make sure you keep on task for each needed part of your application and can avoid any last minute disasters with your education’s future.

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