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There are billions of scholarship dollars waiting to be awarded to incoming and current college students across the United States. Scholarships are FREE money (money that does not have to be paid back after graduation). Applying for scholarships, learning how to get the edge on their application process, and utilizing tools to match you to the best scholarships, should be a priority for all college-bound students and current college students.

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College Admissions

Getting into college is a process. And the process begins early in high school. These resources serve as the ultimate college prep guide—from test prep and advice on extracurriculars to college admissions processes and deadlines.

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Find Colleges

Everything you need to know about finding the right college is here! Get the latest tips, tools, and advice for life on-campus experience. Search and compare colleges that align with your goals and interests. Learn about majors and minors you never even thought of and much, much more.

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Paying for College

Financing your college education can come in many forms. From scholarships and grants to 529 plans and student loans. Learn about all the ways to help pay for college for your college, plus important information about FAFSA and other money saving tips!

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You’ve got questions about ALL things college related, and we have answers. From myth busters, researching careers and internships, Q&A, and our Best Colleges and Hidden Gems, these articles will help inform your future destination.

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