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Here's how to pick the right college for athletes
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NCSA: Connecting Student Athletes with College Coaches

Next College Student Athlete (NCSA) is a recruiting platform that helps connect students with coaches. It can streamline the recruiting process and make it easier for students to understand their options as a student-athlete. If you’re thinking about continuing your favorite sport during your college years, here’s what you need to know about the NCSA, …
What SAT or ACT scores do you need to get into Harvard?
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How Many People Apply To Harvard Each Year?

In the 2024 application cycle (and 2023 early admission cycle) 54,008 people applied to Harvard. Of those that applied only 1,937 students were accepted – that’s 3.58% acceptance rate and one of the lowest in the country. According the the Harvard Gazette, this makes it the fourth year running that the school has received over …
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What’s the Highest GPA?

Key Takeaway The highest GPA achievable is a 4.0 on a traditional scale. However, some schools use a weighted scale that can go up to 5.0, factoring in the difficulty of coursework. While GPA matters in college admissions, it’s not the determining factor. Aim for good grades, but also focus on your personal growth. Colleges …
A high school student taking a college prep course on her laptop.
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A Complete Guide to AP Classes

Advanced Placement (AP) classes have become increasingly popular, with millions of students enrolling each year. These classes offer high school students the opportunity to take college-level courses across a wide range of subjects. If you’re prepared to embrace a rigorous academic curriculum and earn some college credits before graduation, AP classes could be an excellent …
A campus building at Yale University.
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Yale GPA Requirements: What You Need to Get In

In general, to get in into Yale, the minimum requirements a student would need an: Average GPA: 4.0 Average SAT: 1,490 – 1,570 Acceptance rate: 4.6% Yale is an Ivy League school so it’s no surprise that it has rigorous academic standards. This is reflected in the high GPA requirements, which is a crucial factor …
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Law School Requirements: What You Need to Get In

Every law school sets its own admission requirements and eligibility criteria. However, there are some basic law school requirements that are mandatory for all institutions, regardless of ranking, location, or any other factors. If you’re planning on pursuing a legal career, it helps to understand the basic law school admission requirements. That way, you can …
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Remedial Classes: Bridging Learning Gaps

Key Takeaway Remedial classes provide essential support for students struggling academically. They bridge learning gaps and reinforce foundational knowledge. Despite potential drawbacks like stigmatization, they ultimately offer a pathway to academic success, increased confidence, and preparation for real-life challenges. If you’re facing difficulties in school, consider enrolling in remedial classes to strengthen your skills and …

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