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When You Should Submit Your EA/ED Application

Sunrise over the University of Nevada - EA/ED application deadlines come early college applications

If you’re certain you want to attend a school, you may consider applying Early Action or Early Decision. Deadlines for these are before regular applications come due. Here’s what you should know about EA/ED application deadlines. Pay Attention to the EA/ED Application Deadlines The first thing you want to pay attention to when it comes …

Things To Avoid In The ACT Essay

Essay papers - there are things to avoid on the ACT essay ACT & SAT

You know what you need to focus on, but do you know which things to avoid in the ACT essay? Sometimes during the ACT the essay section, students inadvertently do things that cause them to lose points. Luckily many of the mistakes are easy to avoid if you know about them. Here are some things …

Know Your Homophones for the ACT or SAT

Your vs you're - a common mistake and an important reason to know your homophones for the act or sat ACT & SAT

The English language is just full of tricky challenges. What are homophones? These are words that sound the same but are spelled differently and have completely different meanings. Which is why it’s important to know your homophones for the ACT or SAT. Yes, homophones are the bane of most students at any time of the …

When Will ACT / SAT Scores Be Released?

Clock - waiting and wondering when act / sat scores will be released? ACT & SAT

After taking the ACT or SAT, you may be wondering just when will ACT / SAT scores be released? Thankfully, in most cases, you don’t have to wait for long! Here’s a short guide to how the results are released. When are SAT Scores Released? SAT scores generally start to be released about 13 days …

Pros and Cons of Taking SAT Subject Tests

Student studying for taking SAT subject tests ACT & SAT

If you’re considering taking SAT Subject Tests, you may be wondering about the benefits and detriments. There are things to consider and it’s important to weigh both the pros and the cons before deciding on whether or not a Subject Test is the right choice for you. Pro: It Can Boost Your Application (Or Even …

College App Essay Pro Tip: Be Specific

A student writes her college app essay on her laptop college applications

Your college application essay is an opportunity to tell the reader who you are outside of your academics and to reveal your unique character, personality, and values. It is also an opportunity to showcase your writing skills and your thought process. You’ll want your essay to be as strong as it can, which is why …