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What Is A Good GPA in High School?

GPA written on a Chalkboard college applications
As a high school student applying for college, you’ll hear a lot about the importance of earning a high GPA. But do you know what a good GPA looks like and how it impacts your college application? Taking the time to understand the basics of is important for any high school student applying for college. …
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How To Make The Most Out Of Online Class Benefits

Student attending online class on her laptop. online colleges
Attending online classes can be completely different from attending in-person classes. Is this your first experience outside the physical classroom? These tips will help you overcome common challenges and make the most of online class benefits. Tip #1 – Familiarize Yourself with Your School’s Virtual Portal Every college has its own uniquely designed virtual portal …
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The Month Before College Checklist

College student with checklist. college admissions
The month before you head to college can be quite stressful. After all, you have a lot on your plate! This before-college checklist can help you track all of the tasks you need to get completed so you can be sure you’re first week at college (and your entire semester) is stress-free and enjoyable! Packing …
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Social Media Mistakes High School Students Make

College admissions looking at social media mistakes college admissions
Teens are not strangers to social media. Although the generation has grown up with the technology, mistakes are still made on the platforms. These errors could cost you scholarships, college options, or even jobs down the line. Here are three social media mistakes you’ll want to avoid. Creating Unprofessional Profile Names A common mistake that …
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3 Summer College Prep Mistakes High Schoolers Make

Coffee spilled on college application. college admissions
Did you just finish your junior or sophomore year of high school? Congratulations on another year under your belt! While summer is ahead of you, you don’t want to entirely waste it. Here are some college prep mistakes high schoolers tend to make during the warmer months. Mistake #1: Not Using This Time For College …
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More And More Colleges Dropping ACT / SAT Requirements

Balled up tests thrown into a wastebasket. ACT & SAT
For years, the ACT and SAT requirements have been an integral part of the college application process. For most students preparing for and taking these standardized tests was the most stressful part of applying to college. The coronavirus pandemic has changed all that. Granted, there was a growing trend of colleges dropping ACT/SAT requirements prior …
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Should Your Student Defer Enrollment to College A Year Due To COVID?

College student looking at her watch college admissions
The rise of the coronavirus and social distancing practices have greatly altered everyday life. Additionally, it’s throwing the future school year in jeopardy too. With so many unknowns, many colleges are asking big questions: Should they go ahead with in-person learning? Explore online classes as a safer alternative? Defer enrollment a year? Regardless of method, …
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Could Online SAT and ACT Exams Be In the Future Due to COVID-19?

Student taking an online test at home. ACT & SAT
The coronavirus has created a lot of uncertainty for students everywhere. This is an especially stressful time for high school students preparing to apply to college. Are colleges accepting admission applications? Has COVID changed the application process? What happens to the ACT/SAT tests? For many colleges, the ACT/SAT scores are a mandatory part of the …
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