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How Important is a College’s Acceptance Rate?

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One of the very first things many students look at while searching for colleges is a school’s acceptance rate. It’s an indicator of how difficult it is to be accepted into that particular school. But how important are the rates, really? How will they affect your college search and application process? Safety, Match, and Reach …

What Is ACT Aspire?


Test scores really do play a big role in helping students get accepted into the college of their choice, especially if that college also happens to be highly competitive. Preparation can be daunting, even for teachers and parents. This is where ACT Aspire may be able to help. What Is It? ACT Aspire is a …

Myth: The PSAT Is Just A “Practice” SAT


Many automatically presume that the ‘P’ in PSAT stands for ‘Practice’. Unfortunately, this misconception can prevent you from qualifying for a few valuable benefits. Take a look at what exactly the PSAT is and why you should take it more seriously than you would a practice test. Facts About The PSAT The purpose of the …

How To Become A National Merit Scholar


Being awarded a National Merit Scholarship is not for the academically squeamish. Only the top 1% of students who take the PSAT / NMSQT achieve a score high enough to qualify. That does not mean you should give up all hope however. With test preparation and a mindset for success, you can achieve a National …

Myth: SAT Math is Harder than ACT Math


There’s an ongoing idea that the SAT is the more difficult of the two entrance exams. A tangential myth is that SAT math is harder than ACT math. However, like the parent myth, the difficulty will entirely depend on the students themselves. The Differences in SAT and ACT Math First off, let’s highlight the differences …

MYTH: ACT / SAT Questions Are Ordered By Difficulty


With many tests, questions are generally ordered from easiest to most difficult. It’s easy to make the assumption that the ACT and SAT would be similar, but that’s not necessarily the case with these entrance exams. Randomized Questions For the most part, the ACT and SAT questions fall in a randomized level of difficulty. You …