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Preparing for Your Grad School Interview: Tips and Common Questions

Once you’ve successfully applied to your dream grad school and they’ve invited you to interview, it’s time to prepare. Post-graduate interviews are usually part of the application process and include personalized questions to assess your qualifications. Though each graduate program is different, interview panels will often ask general questions to get a sense of your …
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What to Expect as a D1 Athlete

If you’re an elite athlete at your high school, you may just be recruited to a D1 athletic college program. This can be an exciting prospect, but it’s important to understand what to expect if you decide to accept their offer! We’ve highlighted some of the things you should know below. What is a D1 …
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7 Important Skills for Postsecondary Success

Important Postsecondary Skills: Self-Motivation Organizational Skills Open Mindedness Collaboration Social Skills Soft Skills Knowing How to Set Boundaries You worked hard to be successful in high school. You made good grades, submitted college applications to your list of dream schools, got accepted, and are preparing for your first semester… but how do you know you’re …
Here are some common scholarship essay prompts
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Common App for Transfer Students

The Common App for Transfer is an application designed for transfer students and adult students looking to return to school. The application requests information on achievements and goals to personalize the experience for applicants. Over 600 schools currently accept the Common App for transfer. Are you looking to transfer to a college that uses the …
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High School Senior Year Bucket List

It’s time to open up a new note on your phone, share it with your friends, and start building your senior year bucket list. Whether you are a current junior or senior already halfway through the year, it’s never too early or late to start your list. Senior year may be filled with so many …
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Month-by-Month College Planning Calendar

Senior year of high school is a very exciting time! You get to begin looking at colleges and start planning for life after high school. Plus, you get to spend one more year enjoying your high school activities with your friends. In the busyness of it all, it’s helpful to have a month-by-month college planning …
Student frustrated with math formulas
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How To Do Better In Math: 7 Tips

Learning how to do better in math can be an invaluable skill inside and outside the classroom. The top tip for learning how to be good in math is to master basic concepts and formulas before solving more complex problems. Once you learn, math can even be fun! Learning how to do better in math …

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