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The GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test.
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Best GMAT Prep Books

You’ve probably heard of the GMAT before, and if you haven’t, then you might guess by the name that it is a type of standardized test used in the education world. The GMAT is an entrance exam for business school that is 3.5 hours long. It tests specific skills that are important for management and …
Getting an online masters degree is a huge commitment.
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What Is A Master’s Degree: The Ultimate Guide

Many students consider pursuing a Master’s degree after earning their Bachelor’s degree. Some choose this path to gain specialized knowledge in their field, others choose it to increase their employment and earning potential. But what is a Masters degree? And how would it benefit you? Understanding what a Master’s degree is and how it may …
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How to Write an Essay Introduction

When it comes to telling a story, the beginning is an important part. Whether it’s the opening scene of a movie or the first chapter of a book, beginnings need to be interesting to get people’s attention. The same is true when it comes to writing an essay. This is especially true if you are …
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Best Way to Learn Python

As technology takes the world by storm, it’s important to be well-versed in the tech language. Programs like Python are super popular and a great way to break into the tech world. To learn Python, you can take courses or do it on your own with free resources. When you take courses, you’ll be able …
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How Hard is it to Get Into Harvard?

Getting into college can be difficult, but what about getting into Harvard University? Is it really as difficult as they say? Well, yes – it is quite tough to get accepted to Harvard! Here’s why and how you can work to increase your chances of getting an acceptance letter from this Ivy League. How Hard …
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How to Prepare for the Common App

You absolutely should take time to enjoy your summer, but if you’re a junior about to head to senior year, don’t forget about your college applications completely! You should actually complete a few steps over the coming weeks so you’re not scrambling at the last minute to get it all done. We recommend starting early, …
The Official SAT Study Guide best college prep books

Best SAT Prep Books: Your Guide to Success

At no extra cost to you, College Raptor may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more.  When it comes to studying for the SAT, it is much like studying for anything else. We all have our strengths that we can feel confident in, weaknesses that we need to work on, and strategies that …