Develop These Important Skills Before Freshman Year of College

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As you think about starting college, remember you will have a lot more on your plate than you did in high school. Besides, you would most likely not be living at home, so you will have to master the art of balancing homework, laundry, meals, a possible job, and more. If you can manage the following skill development before you get into college, you will be able to handle the transition better and your freshman year will go more smoothly.

Skill Development: Get More Organized

From the first day of college itself, you will find yourself juggling classes, assignments, homework, studying, etc. Only students who have mastered the art of organization can juggle all of these successfully without feeling overwhelmed so get yourself grounded in a good method of the organization before your first day of college.

Think about what you are going to use for a planner and get in the habit of using it now. If you are using your smart phone, make good use of the alerts and notifications. If you are not a fan of smart phone scheduling, a good old fashion paper planner works as well. Start managing your time now so it will come naturally as classes start.

Skill Development: Good Study Habits

Developing good study habits in high school can become your life saver in college. Make it a habit right now to schedule in time for studying. If you don’t schedule it, it may be hard to find the time to squeeze it in, and you don’t want to wait until the last minute.

It is equally important to determine how you study best. Do you need to be alone, and in a quiet room? Where is that place going to be? Does having some background noise or studying with others work better for you? Try and figure these things out in high school so in freshman year you can implement and master whatever technique works for you.

Skill Development: Improve Your Typing Style & Speed

Did you manage to get through high school with the chicken-peck typing method, or maybe the four-finger fumble? It is time to work on proper typing technique.  Taking notes on your laptop or typing up assignments for class will be much easier if you have the right typing speed and style. There are plenty of typing games online to help you brush up on these skills in your spare time before they become essential to your everyday life.

By staying organized, learning to prioritize your assignments, and managing your time well, you will reduce the stress that comes with handling the challenges of freshman year. If you struggle with staying organized, start using a planner now. Making it a habit will help with getting assignments in on time and having enough time to study for tests. If your typing skills need improvement, start practicing now and you will save previous time in the long run.

Freshmen year can become overwhelming without these skills. Master them and your first year of college will run more smoothly.

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