44 More Life Skills to Learn Before College

In a previous post we talked about life skills to know before heading off to college, but there are plenty more that aren’t taught in schools or at home regularly anymore! If you don’t know how to do any of the tasks listed below, now is the time to ask or look it up. You don’t want to be lost on how to proceed when life happens or you have to make professional connections.

Some of these you’ll definitely already know how to do, but make sure to set aside some time before freshman year to figure out the ones you don’t.

Home Care

Life skills: home care

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How to…

  • Do dishes

  • Use small space efficiently

  • Make a bed

  • Clean the bathroom

  • Organize your clothes

  • Tell if food is spoiled

  • Handle clogs or other plumbing issues

Life Management

grocery shop life skills

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How to…

  • Balance a checkbook

  • Track internet accounts and passwords

  • Check your credit and credit score

  • Use your checking and savings accounts

  • Grocery shop without buying too much


tire pressure life skills

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How to…

  • Check your car’s oil and other fluids

  • Check tire pressure

  • Talk to a mechanic

  • Read a car manual

  • Not get towed

Personal Stuff

roommate life skills

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How to…

Professional Stuff

How to…

Student Stuff

college studying life skills

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How to…

There is definitely a lot of things you need to know before you head to college or the working world. It can be a lot to deal with! However, knowing how to handle these things now can help you avoid mistakes or problems in the future.

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