43 Life Skills to Know Before College!

There are a ton of practical life skills to know that aren’t often taught anymore. There are students, graduates, and young professionals–and even some adults–who have missed out on learning some basic life skills. (I’m guilty in this too, I don’t know how to sew or change a tire to save my life). Whether by taking a home ec class, watching YouTube tutorials, reading blogs, or asking someone for help, there are quite a few life skills to know before you or your student should learn before heading off to college.

Home Care

Life skills to know: sewing

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How to…

  • Sew a button onto something
  • Clean carpets, windows, toilets, counter tops, etc.
  • Do laundry
  • Iron clothes

Life Management 

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How to…


Life skills to know: changing a tire

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How to…

  • Change a tire
  • Jump start a car
  • Order a taxi / Uber
  • Utilize public transportation
  • Read a map
  • Arrange bus and air travel

Personal Stuff

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How to…

Professional Stuff

How to…

  • Write a professional email / letter
  • Conduct yourself in an interview
  • Build a business wardrobe
  • Write thank-you notes to bosses / interviewers
  • Create a resume
  • Have a good handshake (yes, seriously, this is very important)

Student Stuff

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How to…

And there you have it! As their name would suggest, life skills will help you for as long as you live, but it’s important to start learning and perfecting these skills as young as possible.

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