How to Stay Awake in College: 9 Energizing Caffeine Options

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Coffee beans help in how to stay awake

Ah, caffeine—the sweet life-blood of college students everywhere. For many, a cup of coffee is not just an option, it’s a necessity. If you need the extra buzz to see you through all-nighter study sessions or wake up for an early lecture, these caffeine options are just what you need.

Java Factory Extra Bold Double Caffeinated Single Coffee Cups

how to stay awake Java Factory k cupJava Factory’s double-caffeinated single-serve k-cup, aptly named Da Bomb, is not messing around. Made from 100% fresh roasted Arabica coffee, this is, quite literally, one-and-done coffee at its absolute finest. It’s perfect for that Keurig coffee maker you brought with you but have yet to use. Once you have a sip of this dark-roast, bold coffee, you’ll never hanker for Starbucks again. It contains twice the amount of caffeine found in a 8 oz single serve cup of coffee so if you are planning on getting a good night’s sleep, make sure you don’t brew yourself a cup close to bedtime.

Death Wish Coffee Co. World’s Strongest Coffee

how to stay awake Death Wish ground coffeeChannel your inner punk-rock pirate king or queen when you brew up a pot of Death Wish Ground Coffee. The carefully selected beans are expertly roasted in small batches to give this coffee its intense aroma and bold taste, while still retaining its freshness. With its distinctive flavor and aroma, the entire floor will want some, so make sure you stock up during crucial study periods like midterms and finals. If you’re a “caff-fiend”, you’ve absolutely got to try this Death Wish Coffee.

Bigelow American Breakfast Black Tea, Extra Caffeine

how to stay awake Bigelow black teaSome people just aren’t into coffee, and we totally get it. Fortunately, for those who need their caffeine boost but without the coffee, there’s American Breakfast by Bigelow. This is a black tea that contains extra caffeine for those difficult, cold mornings. This is another caffeine option that’s perfect for term paper season, finals, or any time you need to stay away and focused while studying or working.

Zest Tea Energy Hot Tea Variety Pack

What’s better than box of tea bags all in the same tea flavor? A sampler pack. With Zest Tea’s high caffeine hot sampler pack, you can try them all without suffering from jitters, caffeine crash, or nausea. Though honey and milk might be helpful, many of these teas are perfectly palatable all on their own, without the extras. Keep this one stocked up, or find a favorite and stick with that one. No matter what you choose, you’re sure to find a Zest Tea that you’ll love.

V8 +Energy Pomegranate and Peach Mango Juice

Looking for a healthy way to boost your energy while still getting your work done? V8 provides both health and energy in this energy-infused product. This delicious pomegranate blueberry and peach mango juice taste just like your favorite fruit punch. Very few drinks offer both taste and health in one sip. Stay awake and healthy with this energy drink.

Red Bull Yellow Edition

how to stay awake Red Bull energy drinkAnyone who has tried the original Red Bull knows that it’s a bit of an “acquired” taste. For those who still want the kick without the odd flavor, there’s Red Bull Yellow Edition. This tasty tropical beverage will help you grind through grueling study sessions or dreadful reading assignments while providing you with great taste and serious concentration skills.

5 Hour Energy Shots

how to stay awake 5 Hour Energy shotsPerfect for midterms, finals, and written assignments that just won’t end, 5-Hour Energy Shots were made with college students in mind. One swift gulp is all you need to keep your mind sharp and your senses alert so you can study for midterms or finals. Caffeine is nice, but these energy shots will keep you going and alert until you’ve finished with all of your exams.

Viter Energy Caffeinated Mints

how to stay awake Viter Energy mintsJust two of these tasty little mints have caffeine equivalent to a cup of coffee, so you can feel refreshed while also freshening your breath. The tins are small enough to tuck into a pocket, backpack or purse, and because they have caffeine, they’ll help you stay awake even the morning after that all-night party that you attended.

AWAKE Chocolate Caffeinated Bar

how to stay awake Awake chocolateWant some chocolate with a kick? You’ve found it with the AWAKE chocolate caffeinated bar. These are perfect if you wake up extra-tired or if you need a little chocolate kick, along with the kick of caffeine. Convenient and tasty, they are perfect for studying or beating that afternoon slump.

Stay awake and get more done with these 9 caffeinated necessities—because for many of us, caffeine is a must, not just an “option.”

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