Job Hunting in the Digital Age (Infographic)

Current college students and fresh grads know that landing that dream job or internship is more than having the experience and even the connections. It is about having the savvy to communicate your skills and ambition through a digital narrative. Although now you can easily access job applications and contact hiring supervisors directly through email, so can millions of other job seekers. The key to using the digital space to finding a job is knowing how to use the tools available to your advantage. Here are three quick ways you can effectively utilize the digital world for your job hunt:

Increase Your Online Presence Positively

About 76% of recruiters research their job candidates and are likely to base their hiring decision on what they see online. Do a quick search of yourself to see what pops up. One way to knock back some unattractive search results is to increase your online presence is by posting more job-friendly feeds. Be more active on social media accounts that relate to your job field. Comment on companies’ posts or share content they have on their pages.

This can also help you research what the company is looking for in candidates as well as their business philosophy. Also, look into updating your LinkedIn account more frequently. According to LinkedIn’s senior director of global talent acquisition, Brendan Brown, recruiters view a LinkedIn profile as more than just a digital resume. Recruiters are looking to see a candidate’s experience but also who are they communicating with and who might be giving them recommendations on the site.

Create A Eye-Catching Digital Resume

There are many online tools that can help create a unique and creative resume that can help catch the attention of recruiters. Even if you are applying for your first internship, you want to be attentive and careful about drafting your resume. You want your resume to list your qualifications and experiences, but you can also take this opportunity to show off your creativity.

Think about how to best highlights your achievements especially your academic ones if you have just graduated or still in school. If you happen to come from a top school or currently earning a graduate degree such as an MBA, it might be worthwhile to place education before your work experiences. If you are proficient with creative programs such as Photoshop, now is your time to shine. If you are not great with creative editing, you can always search for templates online or even consider creating a video resume.

Prepare For The New Kind Of Interviewing

Many employers might choose to do a video interview either before an in-person interview or in place of one. Video interviewing involves all the same concerns of an in-person interview but has a few advantages. For one, you can have notes in front of you to help remember important points you want to make. You can also rehearse and record your answers to see exactly how you will be perceived from your interviewer’s end. Remember, just like an in-person interview preparation before is the key to success.

Take a look at the infographic below to see additional tips and tricks!

job hunting

The digital space can be a great way to find and get your dream job. However, many job seekers do not use digital tools available to them in an effective way. Being digitally savvy is not only valuable for impressing employers but also for progressing your academic achievements as well.