House of Reps: Where Did the House Go to College? (INFOGRAPHIC)

After our analysis of the alma maters of the U.S. Senate, we decided to tackle the House of Representatives.

Being a more difficult task to map out individual state representatives, we looked at trends and analysis, highlighting which institutions were represented most.

Some highlights:

  • Harvard checks in at number 1 on the list, with 10 alumni
  • University of Michigan is the number 1 public, with 8 alumni
  • Of the top 11 colleges represented in the House, just 4 are privates, 7 are publics
  • 24 members of the House hold no bachelor’s degree — 17 Republicans and 7 Democrats
  • Nearly 30 percent of House members graduated from a top-100 institution

Note: This analysis includes Bachelor’s degrees only.

Check out the full infographic:

Infographic showing various statistics about the colleges attended by members of the 114th U.S. House of Representatives.

Jeff Pierpont

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One thought on “House of Reps: Where Did the House Go to College? (INFOGRAPHIC)”

  1. That’s an interesting statistic that most alums come from Harvard. It does pay to have a good education. It comforts me to know that most politicians come from a good school.

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