House of Reps: Where Did the House Go to College? (INFOGRAPHIC)

After our analysis of the alma maters of the U.S. Senate, we decided to tackle the House of Representatives (House of Reps).

It ended being a difficult task to map out individual state representatives. Thus, we looked at trends and analysis, highlighting which institutions were represented the most.

Some highlights about the House of Reps that we found:

  • Harvard checks in at number 1 on the list, with a grand total of 10 alumni
  • The University of Michigan is the number 1 public college, with 8 alumni
  • Of the top 11 colleges represented in the House, just 4 are private colleges, while 7 are public colleges
  • 24 members of the House of Reps don’t have a bachelor’s degree. Broken down, that’s 17 Republicans and 7 Democrats
  • Nearly 30 percent of House members graduated from a top 100 institution

Note: This analysis includes Bachelor’s degrees only.

Check out the full infographic detailing where people went to college:

Infographic showing various statistics about the colleges attended by members of the 114th U.S. House of Representatives.

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  1. That’s an interesting statistic that most alums come from Harvard. It does pay to have a good education. It comforts me to know that most politicians come from a good school.

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