Jeff Pierpont
Jeff Pierpont is the Director of Business Development at College Raptor. Apart from working with colleges to meet their enrollment challenges, he's an adjunct communication instructor at a local college. Jeff stays current with trends in enrollment management and student engagement. Email him with your thoughts and insights into the state of higher education.

House of Reps: Where Did the House Go to College? (INFOGRAPHIC)

After our analysis of the alma maters of the U.S. Senate, we decided to tackle the House of Representatives. Being a more difficult task to map out individual state representatives, we looked at trends and analysis, highlighting which institutions were represented most. Some highlights: Harvard checks in at number 1 on the list, with 10 …

Super Schools 2015: An Analysis of the Colleges Represented on the Field of the NFL’s “Big Game”

We analyzed the players on each team in this year’s “Big Game” and found some interesting stats about the colleges they attended. Most represented colleges: Rutgers – 4 players University of Oregon – 4 players University of Wisconsin-Madison – 4 players Texas A&M University – 4 players Stanford University – 3 players University of Alabama …