Jeff Pierpont
Jeff Pierpont is the Director of Business Development at College Raptor. Apart from working with colleges to meet their enrollment challenges, he's an adjunct communication instructor at a local college. Jeff stays current with trends in enrollment management and student engagement. Email him with your thoughts and insights into the state of higher education.

September Madness: How the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Predicts College Enrollment Trends

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Colleges spend millions of dollars each year to market themselves and recruit students, with the average four year private institution spending around $2,500 for each first-year student enrolled. Schools also spend millions more on their athletics to boost alumni giving and enhance the general appeal to campus culture. What kind of return, in terms of …

Super Schools 2015: An Analysis of the Colleges Represented on the Field of the NFL’s “Big Game”

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We analyzed the players on each team in this year’s “Big Game” and found some interesting stats about the colleges they attended. Most represented colleges: Rutgers – 4 players University of Oregon – 4 players University of Wisconsin-Madison – 4 players Texas A&M University – 4 players Stanford University – 3 players University of Alabama …