Super Schools 2015: An Analysis of the Colleges Represented on the Field of the NFL’s “Big Game”

We analyzed the players on each team in this year’s “Big Game” and found some interesting stats about the colleges they attended.

Most represented colleges at the “Big Game”:

  • Rutgers – 4 players
  • University of Oregon – 4 players
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison – 4 players
  • Texas A&M University – 4 players
  • Stanford University – 3 players
  • University of Alabama – 3 players
  • TCU – 3 players

Plus, some other interesting facts:

  • At QB, we have a classic Big 10 match up between alumni of University of Wisconsin and University of Michigan
  • 68% of players came from one of the¬†Power 5 conferences (SEC, Big 10, Big 12, Pac 12, ACC)
  • The average age of a player on the field is just 26
  • There are 10 rookies active between the two teams

Take a look at the full graphic:

Information and statistics about the colleges attended by NFL players in the "Big Game".