Big Schools & Small Class Sizes 2016

4_big_smallWhen students are choosing which college to attend each year, there are two statistics that generally end up playing a pretty big role: How big is the school and how big are the classes?

Most students have some idea of the size of campus they’re looking for–either the large, university experience at a big state school, the small and intimate nature of a school with just a few hundred students, or somewhere in between–a good balance.

One thing that many students struggle with when considering large colleges is the class size–will I just be another name on an attendance sheet or will I actually know my professors?

For many colleges, the relative class size is measured by looking at the total number of students versus the total number of faculty at the college–the student to faculty ratio. While this measure won’t necessarily equal the size of every class, it’s a good benchmark for measuring how much access students might have for time with professors and other teaching staff.

And many students are looking to balance a large college with many social and professional opportunities with a more personal learning experience.

That’s why we created this list.

Our Big School & Small Class Sizes list allows students to see colleges that enroll more than 10,000 undergraduates, but also have a student-to-faculty ratio of 15:1 or better. It’s a pretty small set of schools that meet these criteria, but there are actually quite a few to choose from–nearly 50 in total.

Check out the colleges that made the list!

CollegeStudent / Faculty RatioUndergraduate Students
University of Pennsylvania6:111,548Learn more
Harvard University8:110,338Learn more
University of Southern California9:118,739Learn more
Cornell University9:114,282Learn more
New York University10:124,985Learn more
Drexel University10:116,896Learn more
CUNY City College11:112,893Learn more
CUNY Hunter College11:116,879Learn more
Madison Area Technical College11:116,698Learn more
George Washington University12:110,740Learn more
Keiser University-Ft Lauderdale12:118,101Learn more
University of Miami12:111,175Learn more
University of Louisville12:115,961Learn more
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor12:128,395Learn more
Saint Louis University12:112,374Learn more
Purdue University-Main Campus12:130,237Learn more
University of Hawaii at Manoa13:114,126Learn more
Boston University13:118,017Learn more
Rochester Institute of Technology13:113,460Learn more
University at Buffalo13:119,882Learn more
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill13:118,350Learn more
Loyola University Chicago14:110,322Learn more
Northeastern University14:113,510Learn more
University of Missouri-Kansas City14:110,453Learn more
CUNY Brooklyn College14:114,115Learn more
CUNY Lehman College14:110,326Learn more
CUNY Queens College14:115,773Learn more
University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus14:118,757Learn more
Temple University14:128,287Learn more
University of Memphis14:117,073Learn more
Troy University15:115,114Learn more
University of Delaware15:118,951Learn more
Saint Leo University15:112,581Learn more
Northern Illinois University15:115,435Learn more
Southern Illinois University-Carbondale15:113,461Learn more
Ball State University15:116,415Learn more
Eastern Kentucky University15:113,939Learn more
Wayne State University15:118,347Learn more
Thomas Edison State College15:120,143Learn more
SUNY Empire State College15:110,873Learn more
Excelsior College15:138,426Learn more
Youngstown State University15:111,267Learn more
College of Charleston15:110,440Learn more
Baylor University15:113,859Learn more
University of Vermont15:110,992Learn more
University of Virginia-Main Campus15:116,483Learn more
Washington State University15:123,867Learn more
University of Wyoming15:110,124Learn more

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