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Out of Date College Admissions Advice That No Longer Works

Adults generally mean well when they give you advice on aspects of life. And a lot of their advice still holds true and should be taken to heart. However, there are some tidbits – like knocking on doors to get jobs – that are simply out of date or just plain wrong. And that holds …
defining freshman fears.
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Conquering Freshman Fears

Entering college for the first time is definitely a major life change. You’re (likely) moving out of your house, leaving the K-12 system, leaving your friends, and entering a new chapter of your life. It’s no wonder it can be scary! But know you’re not alone. There are plenty of common fears that new college …
College Advice
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15 Things to Know Before Going to College

The transition from high school to college is a big jump that comes with a lot of new and exciting experiences. Not to mention, a lot more responsibility. Going off to college is often the first glimpse of what being an adult looks like, especially if you’re relocating. The advice you can get from college …
Crumpled graph paper with text: Myths about a 4.0 GPA

Myths About Having A 4.0 GPA

How important is it to get a 4.0 GPA? Ask a class of high school students this question and you’ll be surprised at the varied answers you’ll get. Many students are under the notion that their GPA is the only thing that matters for admissions and scholarships. Only very few students understand the role GPA …
There are a few myths around the PSAT and your PSAT scores that you should know about

6 Myths about the PSAT

The Preliminary SAT, or PSAT, is a standardized test that often serves as a practice run for the SAT. While it may provide valuable insights into your strengths and weaknesses, there are several myths and misconceptions surrounding the test that may create unnecessary stress and confusion. Let’s debunk some of those myths to help you …
Student thinking and studying for the SAT, trying to earn their highest SAT score

Myth: You Should NEVER Guess on the SAT

You may have heard to “never guess on the SAT,” especially from your parents or older friends or relatives. However, that is actually not true (anymore)! Here’s a rundown of what that means for you and why guessing may actually help earn you the highest SAT score: No Points Are Deducted for Wrong Answers In …
Oregon State University campus - do high college acceptance rates equate the the quality of the school?

Myth: Colleges with High Acceptance Rate Must Be Bad!

College acceptance rates are a helpful tool in understanding how competitive a college is. However, many people equate the acceptance rate to the quality of the school, and that can spread misconception. In other words, they believe that colleges with high acceptance rates aren’t “good”. In fact, a college and the experiences students have there are …
A notebook, pencils, paperclips and protractors scattered on a desk.

Myth: The ACT is Easier than the SAT

If you’re a high school student planning on going to college, you know you need to take either the ACT or SAT. Most colleges accept either the ACT or SAT, so that’s good. But you may be wondering “Is the ACT easier than the SAT?” It’s actually a common misconception that the ACT test is …
Is the PSAT just a practice test for the SAT?

Myth: The PSAT Is Just A “Practice” SAT

Many automatically presume that the ‘P’ in PSAT stands for ‘Practice’. Unfortunately, this misconception about the PSAT being a practice test can prevent you from qualifying for a few valuable benefits. Take a look at what exactly the PSAT is and why you should take it more seriously than you would a practice test. Facts …

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