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Crumpled graph paper with text: Myths about a 4.0 GPA

Myths About Having A 4.0 GPA

How important is it to get a 4.0 GPA? Ask a class of high school students this question and you’ll be surprised at the varied answers you’ll get. Many students are under the notion that their GPA is the only thing that matters for admissions and scholarships. Only very few students understand the role GPA …
There are a few myths around the PSAT and your PSAT scores that you should know about

Myths about the PSAT

The PSAT, or Preliminary SAT, is offered by College Board and has a lot of myths attached to it. You may have heard that your PSAT scores aren’t important or the PSAT isn’t worth your time, but that’s not true! Which of these three myths have you heard before? Myth: The PSAT is Just a …
Student thinking and studying for the SAT, trying to earn their highest SAT score

Myth: You Should NEVER Guess on the SAT

You may have heard to “never guess on the SAT,” especially from your parents or older friends or relatives. However, that is actually not true (anymore)! Here’s a rundown of what that means for you and why guessing may actually help earn you the highest SAT score: No Points Are Deducted for Wrong Answers In …
Oregon State University campus - do high college acceptance rates equate the the quality of the school?

Myth: Colleges with High Acceptance Rate Must Be Bad!

College acceptance rates are a helpful tool in understanding how competitive a college is. However, many people equate the acceptance rate to the quality of the school, and that can spread misconception. In other words, they believe that colleges with high acceptance rates aren’t “good”. In fact, a college and the experiences students have there are …
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Myth: The ACT is Easier than the SAT

If you’re a high school student planning on going to college, you know you need to take either the ACT or SAT. Most colleges accept either the ACT or SAT, so that’s good. But you may be wondering “Is the ACT easier than the SAT?” It’s actually a common misconception that the ACT test is …
Is the PSAT just a practice test for the SAT?

Myth: The PSAT Is Just A “Practice” SAT

Many automatically presume that the ‘P’ in PSAT stands for ‘Practice’. Unfortunately, this misconception about the PSAT being a practice test can prevent you from qualifying for a few valuable benefits. Take a look at what exactly the PSAT is and why you should take it more seriously than you would a practice test. Facts …
ACT and SAT questions aren't actually ordered by difficulty.

Myth: ACT/ SAT Questions Are Arranged by Difficulty

With many tests, questions are generally ordered from easiest to most difficult. It’s easy to make the assumption that the ACT and SAT questions would be similar, but that’s not necessarily the case with these entrance exams. Randomized Questions For the most part, the ACT and SAT questions fall into a randomized level of difficulty. …
Do colleges look at middle school grades?

Myth: Middle School Doesn’t “Count” For College Admissions

Do colleges look at middle school grades? A lot of students believe that only what they did in high school matters to their college application, and that’s not necessarily the case. A lot of what you did in middle school may actually have an effect on your life, high school grades, and overall application. The …
How many sat subject tests should I take?

Myth: I Should Take as Many SAT Subject Tests as Possible

The SAT Subject Tests are additional standardized tests that focus on a specific subject, not covered by the standard SAT. Many students take these subject tests as a way to increase their acceptance odds or to make placements in a certain college’s academic programs. It may sound like a good idea, then, to take as …