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Myth: I HAVE to Answer My ACT/SAT Questions in Order

Skipping questions on the SAT and ACT is perfectly fine! myths
You may have heard it said before that you have to answer your ACT or SAT questions in exact order, but did you know that’s not exactly true? In any particular section, you can absolutely jump around from question to question! Here’s a bit of myth debunking on this so-called “fact:” Skip the Toughies Part …
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Myth: Test-Flexible Colleges Have Lower Standards Than Test-Required Colleges

Test flexible colleges don't necessarily have lower standards. myths
When creating your college application, you have to understand that each portion matters. Your essay, your extracurricular activities, your references, your GPA, your courseload: Everything carries some amount of weight. That includes your standardized test scores. At colleges where the test scores are mandatory, those scores help to balance out your GPA. It also balances …
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3 MORE College Admission Myths

Here are three more myths about college admissions. myths
There are far too many college admissions myths doing the rounds. Unfortunately, they send many students in the wrong direction. Spending too much time doing things that do not matter means less time doing things that do matter. Below are some myths about college admissions that are just that and nothing more. Myth #1 – …
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Is the Act or Sat Harder? Which Test Should You Take?

Multiple choice test sheet with shaded answers. myths
Is the ACT or SAT harder? Is one harder than the other? There seems to be a common myth perpetuated that the ACT is the easier of the two entrance exams. Well, long story short, no test is easier than the other. Myths surrounding the ACT and SAT’s difficulty One factor in spreading this myth …
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Myth: I’ve Been Accepted Into College! I Don’t Have a Thing to Worry About Now!

You've been accepted into college! But you still have some things to worry about myths
Receiving an acceptance letter from a college you’re really excited to go to can be a euphoric moment! All the hard work, the studying, the applications, the ACT/SAT tests, it all boils down to that one “Congratulations! You’re In” moment. And you should celebrate that you got accepted! Grab some ice cream, splurge a little on …
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