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Myth: It Looks Bad if I Take the ACT / SAT Too Many Times

Appearance is everything when it comes to college applications. Students painstakingly craft a resume to sell themselves as the perfect student candidate. Understandably, they want to avoid anything that paints them in a bad light. Some fear that if they take the SAT or ACT too many times, it will make them look like a …
Your college app essay has to be about something life-changing, right?

Myth: Your College App Essay Has to be About a Big Life Event

The college app essay can be one of the more frustrating elements of building an application—especially because there’s a pervading myth that the essay has to be about a monumental life event. Luckily, this isn’t really the case. Big Stories Aren’t Always Best Some students stress out over picking the subject of their essay. Many …
Skipping questions on the SAT and ACT is perfectly fine!

Myth: I HAVE to Answer My ACT/SAT Questions in Order

You may have heard it said before that you have to answer your ACT or SAT questions in exact order, but did you know that’s not exactly true? In any particular section, you can absolutely jump around from question to question! Here’s a bit of myth debunking on this so-called “fact:” Skip the Toughies Part …
Here are a few myths surrounding college application essays.

Don’t Fall For These Myths About College Application Essays

Your college application essays play a major role in your admission but with so much misinformation about what to include in their essay, it can be confusing to sift the facts from the myths. These are some of the more common myths surrounding college application essays. Myth 1: You must try and pack as much …
Test flexible colleges don't necessarily have lower standards.

Myth: Test-Flexible Colleges Have Lower Standards Than Test-Required Colleges

When creating your college application, you have to understand that each portion matters. Your essay, your extracurricular activities, your references, your GPA, your courseload: Everything carries some amount of weight. That includes your standardized test scores. At colleges where the test scores are mandatory, those scores help to balance out your GPA. It also balances …
Here are three more myths about college admissions.

3 MORE College Admission Myths

There are far too many college admissions myths doing the rounds. Unfortunately, they send many students in the wrong direction. Spending too much time doing things that do not matter means less time doing things that do matter. Below are some myths about college admissions that are just that and nothing more. Myth #1 – …
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Is the ACT harder than the SAT? Which Test Should You Take?

Is the ACT harder than the SAT? In general terms, no! It’s actually a myth that one is harder or easier than the other. However, one may be harder for you as a person compared to the next. Here’s what you need to know about these myths, what colleges think, and how you can personally …
Reconsider asking your favorite teacher for a letter of recommendation

Myth: I Should Pick My Favorite Teacher to Write My Letter of Recommendation

It’s time to ask your teachers for the letters of recommendation for your college applications, but who do you ask? Most juniors and seniors instantly think of their favorite teacher as the answer. While it may be a great choice, it shouldn’t always be the default selection. Here’s why you should consider some alternative options: …