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Myth: My Freshman Year Grades Don’t Matter

If you think your freshman year grades don't matter, you'd be mistaken. myths
Many people assume that their senior and junior years are the only ones that really matter when it comes to college admissions. However, that line of thinking could seriously hinder their acceptance odds. College Competition A few years ago, your freshman year grades may not have mattered all that much. But today, with the number …
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Myth: If I’m Deferred From a School, I’ll Never Get In

It's a myth that if you're deferred admission, you'll never be accepted. myths
Depending on how you look at it, getting deferred by a school could be a load off your mind or extremely frustrating. You haven’t been declined, yet you haven’t been accepted, putting you in a difficult spot. You may have heard the myth that you simply won’t get into the college after being deferred admission. …
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Myth: There is an “Easier Testing Date” for the ACT/SAT

Are there easier SAT and ACT test dates? myths
The myth about easier SAT and ACT test dates is so ingrained and so pervasive, people are still arguing about it. But where did the myth come from? And why has it stuck around so long? Origin of the Myth People love to swear by data, numbers, and studies. There were comparative studies done, looking at …
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Myth: If You Don’t Like Science, Avoid the ACT!

Don't avoid the ACT just because you don't do well in science. myths
There are so many myths that surround the ACT and SAT it could make your head spin. Many myths directly relate to which test you should (supposedly) take. One of which, is that if you’re not good at science, you shouldn’t take the ACT. Origin of the Myth This misconception stems from the fact that …
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Myth: College Interviews Will Make Up For Weaker GPA And Test Scores

Does a college interview make up for weak test scores and grades? myths
Maybe a student is a confident orator and a people’s person. They perform exceedingly well during face-to-face interactions such as college interviews. Maybe, however, they don’t fare too well in written tests. Under these circumstances, they may be wondering about their chances of getting accepted into the college of their choice. Will a college interview …
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Myth: Your Application Essay Should Tell Your Life Story

Your college application essay doesn't have to be about your life story. myths
The application essay is an important element of your college application, and many students agonize over what their topic should be. Since the essay portion is your chance to show the potential college who you are, many students want to write out their life story on the page. Here’s why you should avoid doing that. …
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Myth: High ACT / SAT Scores Guarantees College Admission

You don't need high ACT and SAT scores for to guarantee college admission. myths
This is one of the most common myths associated with college admissions. The truth is high test scores are only one of many factors that are used to evaluate college applications. You don’t necessarily need high ACT and SAT scores for college admission. The admissions committee will also take a look at your academic grades, …
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Myth: It Looks Bad if I Take the ACT / SAT Too Many Times

A student's hand holding a multiple choice answer sheet. myths
Appearance is everything when it comes to college applications. Students painstakingly craft a resume to sell themselves as the perfect student candidate. Understandably, they want to avoid anything that paints them in a bad light. Some fear that if they take the SAT or ACT too many times, it will make them look like a …
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Myth: Your College App Essay Has to be About a Big / Impressive / Life-Changing Thing

Your college app essay has to be about something life-changing, right? myths
The college app essay can be one of the more frustrating elements of building an application—especially because there’s a pervading myth that the essay has to be about a monumental life event. Luckily, this isn’t really the case. Big Stories Aren’t Always Best Some students stress out over picking the subject of their essay. Many …
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