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Did you know that it's a myth that name-dropping will get you accepted into college

Myth: Name-Dropping Will Boost My College Acceptance Odds

College applications are a very tedious, but important, thing on every student’s to-do-list. We must fill in the online application, take our ACT / SAT tests, and ensure that all of our transcripts and other documents are sent to the university on time–among a zillion other things. Students focus mostly on sending the documents and filling out their …
You need stand out from the crowd to get into college, right?

Myth: My College Application Needs to be Super Quirky to Stand Out

If you’ve been reading up on college application tips, most of them say that you have to find a way to stand out from the crowd. Being different, having experienced–it’s finally time to use these things to your benefit. There are plenty of tips on how to stand out in college applications. However, there is …
Don't try to sound grown up in your college essay. Your essay is a reflection of yourself and your voice

College Myth: My Application Essay Should Sound Very “Grown Up”

Many college-bound students are thrown for a loop when it comes to writing the application essay. What should they write about? How should the write it? What shouldn’t they do? There are a lot of questions. One thing that many students think is that the essay has to sound “grown up” or “adult” so much …
Student carrying her dorm supplies in a pink basket while moving into college.

7 Myths About College Freshmen Move-In Day

As you get closer to your move-in day, the butterflies might be churning hard in your stomach. After all, you’re moving away from home (likely for the first time) and into your own space. You finally get to meet your roommate(s) and see if you actually get along. You have to share a bathroom with …
Students participating in a college class by raising their hands to answer the professor.

5 Myths about the First Day of College

With all the movies, TV shows, and tall tales out there, you might have a preconceived idea of what college is like. But the truth can get a little skewed as it’s passed down the line to you, and that can lead to some unrealistic fears or false expectations. But don’t worry, we’re here to …