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5 College Admissions Myths Debunked

Here are five common college myths debunked. myths
College Admissions can stress out even the calmest, coolest, and most collected of students (and parents.) It is a wonderful thing to be determined, passionate, and ambitious when applying to your dream school. However, not having a backup plan, that’s not a good idea. College admission odds for the Ivy Leagues are at an all-time …
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Myth: My College Preparation Starts Senior Year of High School

An empty classroom with desks, chairs and white board. myths
Nope. The college preparation process starts the moment you enter high school as a freshman. From that point on, each grade and test score really matter, as do the specific classes you take and extracurriculars you participate in. Start Planning Early This isn’t said to overwhelm you, but rather prepare you so you can make informed …
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Myth: My College Application Essay Has to Be Super Serious

Your college application essay doesn't have to be super serious myths
The college search is pretty serious, working hard to earn good grades is serious, getting accepted (or rejected) by colleges is serious, so it would make sense that people would think that the application essays would have be serious too, right? Your essay doesn’t have to be super serious. Not entirely true. While you should definitely …
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College Myth: Colleges Only Care About GPA and Test Scores

Congratulations on being accepted into college! However, it was more than just your GPA and test scores that got you in. myths
GPA and test scores are the most quantifiable aspects of a college application. This makes them easy to compare–and may explain why applicants tend to place so much Iemphasis on them. While these ARE important, they’re not the only things that colleges consider when reviewing your application. In fact, just consider that many schools will receive thousands …
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College Myth: Colleges That Send Me Mail are Likely to Accept Me

Photograph of college mail sent to prospective students. If you're on a college mailing list, they're more likely to accept you, right? myths
Many students assume the colleges which send them marketing materials in the mail are their best options. This isn’t necessarily true. In fact, some colleges send out millions of pieces of mail each year (not very targeted). Other schools only send out very little. Bottom line: being on a college mailing list does not necessarily …
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College Myth: Applying to Fewer Colleges Will Give Me a Better Chance to be Accepted

Charts showing than in 1995 only 10% of students applied to 7 or more colleges, now 29% of students do so. What are your college acceptance chances? myths
Generally speaking, colleges don’t share admissions information with each other. The only way a college might figure out how many colleges you’re applying to is through your FAFSA, where you list each of the colleges you wish to receive a copy of your financial aid application. The number of colleges listed on a student’s FAFSA …
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