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Do colleges look at middle school grades?

Myth: Middle School Doesn’t “Count” For College Admissions

Do colleges look at middle school grades? A lot of students believe that only what they did in high school matters to their college application, and that’s not necessarily the case. A lot of what you did in middle school may actually have an effect on your life, high school grades, and overall application. The …
How many sat subject tests should I take?

Myth: I Should Take as Many SAT Subject Tests as Possible

The SAT Subject Tests are additional standardized tests that focus on a specific subject, not covered by the standard SAT. Many students take these subject tests as a way to increase their acceptance odds or to make placements in a certain college’s academic programs. It may sound like a good idea, then, to take as …
Here are some common myths about freshman orientation.

Myths About College Orientation

Your freshman orientation will most likely have a LOT going on, from meeting your roommate for the first time to first semester course selection. But you may have heard quite a few myths about this event at the same time. Here are a few of those debunked. Myth: Parents Aren’t Allowed At Orientation This “myth” …
If you have good grades, the SAT and ACT should be easy.

Myth: If I Have a Good GPA, The ACT And SAT Will Be Easy

Think you don’t have to prepare for the ACT or the SAT because you have good grades or a high GPA? You may want to rethink that strategy. Having a good GPA isn’t an indicator of how well you’ll do on the ACT or SAT. Here’s why: The Tests Test Differently The ACT or the …
Don't believe these myths about the SAT.

More Myths About the SAT

Plenty of myths circulate around the SAT and you’ve probably have heard a few as you’re preparing for your test date. Believing these myths can actually be detrimental to your final SAT score as well as your college applications. Here are just three you may have heard during high school. Myth: The PSAT Isn’t Important …
Here are a few ACT and SAT myths.

Myths and Truths About the ACT and SAT

The ACT and SAT are very important parts of the college admissions process. However, that also means there are some ACT and SAT myths being spread. The time and preparation you spend on preparing for standardized tests will affect your future. Schools take ACT and SAT test results very seriously. Colleges receive enormous numbers of …
Should I take the SAT or ACT, or even both?

Myth: You Should Take Both the ACT and SAT

You may be wondering, “should I take the SAT or ACT, or even both?” Some people believe the key to increasing their acceptance odds is by taking both the ACT and SAT. Let’s take a look at why that is, and why it’s not true. East and West Coast Schools Prefer the SAT, the Midwest …
Taking both tests won't double your success rate.

Myth: Taking Both the ACT and SAT Will Double My Success Rate

“Jack of all trades, master of none, though oftentimes better than master one.” It’s a quote that speaks to being well-rounded, the value of having many skills and not focusing on one expertise. When it comes to the ACT and SAT, however, it might be better just take one. There’s a reason why taking both …
Does asking for financial aid automatically lower your college acceptance odds?

Myth: Asking For Financial Aid Automatically Lowers Your Acceptance Odds

Many students are afraid that asking for financial aid automatically lowers their acceptance odds. Colleges understand that most students require aid to pay for tuition. However, when it comes to financial aid, there are two types of colleges, ‘need-blind’ and ‘need-aware’. Need Blind vs Need Aware Need blind colleges do not take financial need into …