More Myths About the SAT


Plenty of myths circulate around the SAT and you’ve probably have heard a few as you’re preparing for your test date. Believing these myths can actually be detrimental to your final SAT score as well as your college applications. Here are just three you may have heard during high school. Myth: The PSAT Isn’t Important …

Myths and Truths About the ACT and SAT


The ACT and SAT are very important parts of the college admissions process. The time and preparation you spend on preparing for standardized tests will affect your future. Schools take ACT and SAT test results very seriously. Colleges receive enormous numbers of applications every year. Students with high standardized test scores are taken more seriously …

Myth: You Should Take Both the ACT and SAT


Some people believe the key to increasing their acceptance odds is by taking both the ACT and SAT. Let’s take a look at why that is, and why it’s not true. East and West Coast Schools Prefer the SAT, the Midwest Prefers the ACT Right off the bat—Colleges don’t prefer one test over the other. …

Myth: Asking For Financial Aid Automatically Lowers Your Acceptance Odds


Colleges understand that most students require financial aid to pay for tuition. However, when it comes to financial aid, there are two types of colleges, ‘need blind’ and ‘need aware’. Need Blind vs. Need Aware Need blind colleges do not take financial need into consideration when assessing applications. In these colleges, the admissions office and …

Myth: The More Selective A School, The Better It Is


Exclusivity always gives off the feeling of “best.” Not everyone can get in, so the more exclusive the better. Right? College Fit is More Important than Selectivity Just because a college is selective does not automatically make it a better choice for everyone. When it comes to colleges, one size does not fit all. A …

Myth: My Freshman Year Grades Don’t Matter


Many people assume that their senior and junior years are the only ones that really matter when it comes to college admissions, but that line of thinking could seriously hinder their acceptance odds. College Competition A few years ago, your freshman year grades may not have mattered all that much. But today, with the number …