Myth: Asking For Financial Aid Automatically Lowers Your Acceptance Odds


Colleges understand that most students require financial aid to pay for tuition. However, when it comes to financial aid, there are two types of colleges, ‘need blind’ and ‘need aware’. Need Blind vs. Need Aware Need blind colleges do not take financial need into consideration when assessing applications. In these colleges, the admissions office and …

Myth: The More Selective A School, The Better It Is


Exclusivity always gives off the feeling of “best.” Not everyone can get in, so the more exclusive the better. Right? College Fit is More Important than Selectivity Just because a college is selective does not automatically make it a better choice for everyone. When it comes to colleges, one size does not fit all. A …

Myth: My Freshman Year Grades Don’t Matter


Many people assume that their senior and junior years are the only ones that really matter when it comes to college admissions, but that line of thinking could seriously hinder their acceptance odds. College Competition A few years ago, your freshman year grades may not have mattered all that much. But today, with the number …

Myth: If I’m Deferred From a School, I’ll Never Get In


Depending on how you look at it, getting deferred by a school could be a load off your mind or extremely frustrating. You haven’t been declined, yet you haven’t been accepted, putting you in a difficult spot. You may have heard the myth that you simply won’t get into the college after being deferred. However, …

Myth: If You Don’t Like Science, Avoid the ACT!


There are so many myths that surround the ACT and SAT it could make your head spin. Many myths directly relate to which test you should (supposedly) take. One of which, is that if you’re not good at science, you shouldn’t take the ACT. Origin of the Myth This misconception stems from the fact that …

Myth: College Interviews Will Make Up For Weaker GPA And Test Scores


Maybe a student is a confident orator and a people’s person. They perform exceedingly well during face-to-face interactions such as college interviews. Maybe, however, they don’t fare too well in written tests. Under these circumstances, they may be wondering about their chances of getting accepted into the college of their choice. Will a college interview …