Myth: The More Selective a School is, The Better

Each college has a different percentage of students they admit. Some colleges only accept a few applicants, others accept the vast majority. However, exclusivity always gives off the feeling of “best.” Not everyone can get in, so selective colleges are better. Right?

College Fit is More Important than Selectivity

Selective colleges are not automatically a better choice for everyone. When it comes to colleges, one size does not fit all.¬†While certain colleges fit you, they don’t always fit others. Every student is looking for something different from their undergrad experience. The school that is the best choice for you will ultimately depend on what you are looking for. Thus, don’t just look at how selective a school is! Students should take into account plenty of other factors, such as location, majors offered, the school’s culture, and more!

Selectivity Breeds Reputation

Granted, more selective colleges tend to have a more formidable reputation and they also tend to be ranked higher. However, using college rankings as a criterion for selecting a college is not always the right strategy. For one thing, a selective school may not offer educational opportunities or the environment that is right for you. This can be particularly stressful if you do not have what it takes to thrive in a highly competitive environment.

Instead of applying to a college only because it is highly ranked, it is far better to focus on selecting and applying to schools where you are more likely to be successful and happy. Pick schools that have the programs, organizations, and majors you’re interested in. Your success and college education isn’t just influenced by selectivity.

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