How to Search for Colleges Based on Your Personal Factors

Every student takes a different set of factors into consideration when doing their college search. For some, the financial aspect may be the primary criteria for choosing a college, while others may be more concerned about the size of the college, or where it is located. Here’s how to search for colleges based on what you decide are your top 5 personal factors.

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Ask these questions to determine your top 5 factors in the college search.

  1. What is my family’s financial situation? What’s the maximum tuition that your family can afford without stretching their budget to breaking point?
  2. What is the program that I want to study? Do the colleges on my list offer this program?
  3. Would I do better in a small-sized school with fewer students and personalized attention or would I thrive in a large university with lots of diverse people? What size fits me best?
  4. Would I prefer to spend my free time in an urban neighborhood with shopping centers and other facilities nearby, or in more rural surroundings with plenty of opportunities for outdoor exploration?
  5. Am I a good match for the level of competition in the college? Am I prepared to work hard in a highly competitive environment or will I shine in a less competitive environment?

What to consider afterward:

Which of these five topics seem the most important to you? Or if you’re thinking of multiple, how would you rank them in order of most to least important? Do you have other big questions or concerns that we didn’t mention?

By narrowing down important elements, you can more effectively search for colleges. Specificity is key.

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