Myth: I Should Take as Many SAT Subject Tests as Possible

How many sat subject tests should I take?

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The SAT Subject Tests are additional standardized tests that focus on a specific subject, not covered by the standard SAT. Many students take these subject tests as a way to increase their acceptance odds or to make placements in a certain college’s academic programs. It may sound like a good idea, then, to take as many subject tests as you can. 

However, deciding to take 4 or 5 tests just to cover your bases can leave you feeling quite stressed, especially if you take them all over a short period of time. The key is to take only as many as you need. So how do you decide that?

SAT Subject Test Requirements

The most important thing is to find out whether the college requires a subject test score. Not all colleges request SAT subject scores for admissions. Only some colleges require applicants to submit scores and when they apply and can ask for anywhere between 1 and 3 SAT subject tests—usually in regards to a certain major or program track a student is interested in. 

Using Subject Tests as Application Boosters

Even if they aren’t required, taking a subject test in the area you plan to major in can be a great way to boost your acceptance odds. They show admissions that you’re serious about this field of study and have an aptitude for it. If you plan on being an English major, for example, taking the Literature Test can highlight your skill. Students interested in majoring in a STEM field might benefit from Mathematics Level 1 or Physics.

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