How Many ACT / SAT Practice Tests Should I Take Before The Real Thing?

How many practice tests before SAT or ACT should you take?


One of the best ways to prepare for the ACT and SAT is by taking practice exams. To be as prepared as you can be for the real test, you must try as much as possible to take each practice test under real test conditions, from sitting in a quiet room to keeping your water bottle with you and setting the timer on. When the timer goes off, you have to stop writing. But how many practice tests before SAT or ACT should you take

How Many Practice Tests Should I Take?

If you complete your registration at least 5 weeks prior to the test date, which is recommended, that gives you a full 5 weeks to prepare for the test. Experts recommend that you should do about 3 – 5 practice tests during that time.

However, simply taking practice tests will not help you improve. What is more important is reviewing your performance after each test so you can make a note of your weak spots and spend time strengthening those areas before you take your next test.

How Much is too Much?

If you are thinking you should take as many ACT/SAT practice tests as you can, you would be wrong. Taking too many tests can actually be counterproductive. It can leave you feeling burned out by the time the real test day arrives.

Additionally, taking endless practice tests without reviewing and understanding your performance is an exercise in futility. Without doing this analysis after every test, it is impossible to know where you are losing marks and you are not likely to see any improvement in your subsequent tests.

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