Is the Act or Sat Harder? Which Test Should You Take?

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Is the ACT or SAT harder? Is one harder than the other? There seems to be a common myth perpetuated that the ACT is the easier of the two entrance exams. Well, long story short, no test is easier than the other.

Myths surrounding the ACT and SAT’s difficulty

One factor in spreading this myth might be the fact that the east and west coasts prefer taking the SAT. The Midwest largely prefers the ACT. Perhaps it also goes hand in hand with the myth that more elite schools favor the SAT over the ACT (also not true).

Do colleges prefer the ACT or SAT?

Colleges do not prefer one over the other. However, an individual student might find that one is “easier” than the other because they’re more well-suited to take it than the other. For example, a student who is good at reading and critical thinking might opt to take the SAT. A student who is more comfortable with charts, graphs, and up-front data might do better on the ACT.

So, while a student might feel that one is harder than the other, it’s not because the SAT is inherently more difficult than the ACT, it’s due to where that particular student’s talents lie. To discover which test you should take, read our article breaking the two down here!

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