Can You Study TOO MUCH? How to Study Smarter, Not Harder for the ACT/SAT

Study smarter, not harder for the SAT and ACT

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When preparing for the ACT or SAT, did you know that it is easily possible to study too much? Studying hard is a great thing, but heading towards a burn out won’t help you when the test date arrives. Instead, practice smarter studying habits by following some of these tips.

Plan Ahead

Planning months ahead of the ACT or SAT test date can offer some real benefits for your studying habits. You can chart out what to study and how often to take the practice exams, allowing you plenty of time to figure out what subjects or areas you need to improve on.

Consider creating a calendar of subjects and areas to tackle once you know the test date of your SAT or ACT exam. Also, include the dates you want to take the practice tests.

Take Plenty of Breaks

Studying nonstop, every evening, every day has never helped anyone. Cramming is never the answer and this is also the case for studying. Studying too hard and too much can easily lead to burnout and leave your mind frazzled on the test date. You’ll want to take breaks away from studying and focus on the rest of your life, fun, and school work.

When you create your study calendar, make sure to account for breaks as well as entire days off. Consider planning other fun activities for these days.

Take Care of Yourself

 It’s easy to sit down to study and stay up an hour later than you normally would to cram in that little extra bit. However, that extra little bit may be doing you more harm than good. Getting enough sleep every night and especially the evening before your ACT or SAT exam date is essential to doing well in school and on tests.

In addition to getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night, you should also be eating well and getting plenty of exercise. Don’t avoid eating or exercising to get in a bit more studying.

Don’t Study Last Minute

 It may be tempting to continue studying for the ACT or SAT on the night before the exam, but it may be beneficial to actually take the night off. You’ve been studying for months. Taking a break the night before can allow your mind to relax.

Instead of stuffing in some last-minute studying, try reading a book, watching a movie, or going out with some friends. Take your mind off the test. As long as you’ve studied ahead of time, you will be prepared in the morning.

Studying for the SAT or ACT is an absolute must to do well on either exam, but it’s important to study smarter rather than harder. There’s no harm in working hard towards a good score, but burnouts among students is a real thing. By studying smart you can make sure you’re taking in all the information while still keeping your life in balance. These are also all great tips for any test in your life.

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