Senate U 2015: Where the 114th U.S. Senate Went to College

As the 114th US Senate settles into what is sure to be a term full of political stand-offs, we took a look at the colleges that awarded our senators their undergraduate degrees.

Many of the nation’s top colleges and universities have a long history of educating our country’s legislators, and this Senate class is not an exception–Harvard, Yale, and Stanford represent 15% of the incoming class, alone.

But, don’t be fooled; public and private colleges from across the country–both big and small–are represented by a look at our elected officials.

Take a look at our breakdown:

Infographic showing where the U.S. Senate went to college for their undergraduate degrees.Note: We found a few small errors in the infographic which have been corrected as of 1/30/15 at 2:40 CST.


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