Uber on College Campuses

If you are from a metropolitan area or pay attention to the news, you have probably heard of Uber. Uber is similar to a taxi service but more convenient for its users and drivers. Users download the app and easily find a ride at a reasonable cost, you pay online through the app, and the driver picks you up where you request. No hailing a cab, no scrambling for change, no worries. Uber aims to give you the most affordable, comfortable, and convenient ride out there. The drivers can be anyone! Many people do it as a side job. You choose the hours you want to drive, use your own car, and make some extra money. It’s that easy! Heading off to college means there will inevitably be times you’ll need a ride. We have broken down the financial, lifestyle, and safety aspects of using Uber.

A student driving a car with their phone attached to the dashboard.


College students rarely carry cash. This can be tricky when trying to pay a cab driver. Honestly, this doesn’t just apply to college students. In today’s world, many people carry little to no cash at any given time. Each person has their own reasons, but here are a few.

Security. Some worry about the security of cards with fraud and theft, but many argue it can be a more secure choice. If you’re carrying around large amounts of cash and lose your wallet or have it stolen, that money is just gone. There is no way to retrieve “your” cash. With a card, though, you can call your financial institution and put a hold or cancel the card. This way, no money will actually be stolen from you. Additionally, many cards can be tracked and this can lead to an arrest if the card was stolen, increasing security. If your card is used before you can cancel it, many institutions have policies where you are not held liable. That’s a great reason to not carry cash!

Convenience. Think of a night on the town. You are trying to calculate the costs in your mind and then plan to bring appropriate cash. You don’t want to bring too much for reasons aforementioned, but too little can put you in a mind. For example, you’re out to dinner and you brought $20. Your bill ends up being $25, now what are you to do?! Use your card.

Money smart. When you use a card, you can see your transactions online. This can easily enable you to track your purchases and follow the budget you have set up.

Cost. Uber rides are typically less expensive than taxis. Their base rates are usually lower and have a built-in tip.


Convenience. You can schedule a ride and pick up with Uber in the click of a button. There is no need to hail a cab!

Many college students don’t have cars on campus. To avoid racking up a large taxi cost, Uber can provide affordable transportation to get them from point A to point B in a safe and cheap manner.


There have been some unfortunate news stories about assaults happening between drivers and riders using Uber. These are tragic to hear but are fortunately a rarity. In most instances, Uber is providing more safety to situations.

Location pick up. You can send your location to the app and the driver will arrive there. This way you can wait inside a building if you don’t feel safe waiting outside. This isn’t possible if you need to hail a cab.

Share your route. You can share your ETA with friends and family so they can track your route and see that you arrive safely.

No cash. This can avoid fare disputes and avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Eliminate drunk driving. With the ease and affordability of Uber, more people are apt to use the app and this can keep drunk drivers off the road and lead to a safer environment.

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