How to Organize Important Documents Before Going To College

Organize your important documents before college

Flickr user Christian Guthier

Learning how to organize your important documents is one of many things you will have to do before you go to college. You’ll be on your own, away from home, and having all your documents with you is important. Of course, you will need to have them all organized so you can find them easily.

Here are three most important things you should do in order to keep your important documents organized and safe before you go to college.

Separate all documents under two separate categories: academic and personal.

All your school reports, transcripts, and other documentation go under the academic category. Any medical information or personal identification go under the personal category. Put these in two separate files.

Make copies of all your important documents.

You will keep need different documents for different purposes and making copies every time you need them can be bothersome as well as a waste of time.

Keep one set of copies at home.

If you misplace anything or otherwise lose them, it is nice to know that there is a set safe at home.

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