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What You Need To Know About College Waitlists

Getting waitlisted by a college can be stressful. It can leave you in a state of limbo, not knowing whether you will eventually be accepted or not. This makes it difficult for you to take a definite decision on your other offers. It can be particularly stressful if you are waitlisted by your first-choice college. …
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More And More Colleges Dropping ACT / SAT Requirements

For years, the ACT and SAT requirements have been an integral part of the college application process. For most students preparing for and taking these standardized tests was the most stressful part of applying to college. The coronavirus pandemic has changed all that. Granted, there was a growing trend of colleges dropping ACT/SAT requirements prior …
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Should Your Student Defer Enrollment to College A Year Due To COVID?

The rise of the coronavirus and social distancing practices have greatly altered everyday life. Additionally, it’s throwing the future school year in jeopardy too. With so many unknowns, many colleges are asking big questions: Should they go ahead with in-person learning? Explore online classes as a safer alternative? Defer enrollment a year? Regardless of method, …
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Could Online SAT and ACT Exams Be In the Future Due to COVID-19?

The coronavirus has created a lot of uncertainty for students everywhere. This is an especially stressful time for high school students preparing to apply to college. Are colleges accepting admission applications? Has COVID changed the application process? What happens to the ACT/SAT tests? For many colleges, the ACT/SAT scores are a mandatory part of the …
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How to Adjust to Online Learning During Quarantine

Almost all students are currently studying and working from home during the coronavirus outbreak. If you’re in this boat, you might find the switch to online learning a little jarring. In some cases, it can be a struggle. Here are some tips to help you better adjust. Focus on Communication Communication is key when it …
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How COVID-19 Affects Grades in High School and College

COVID-19 is affecting everyone’s lives, and one area where it’s causing some chaos is grading for colleges and high schools. Wondering how COVID-19 affects grades? The schools themselves are wondering the exact same thing. There are a few things to know when it comes to your grades and graduation. Schools Are Opting for Different Solutions …
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How COVID-19 Affects AP Tests

Are you taking an AP course this year for high school? You may be wondering about your AP tests, especially as we get closer to the end of the school year. Here are some things to note on how COVID-19 is affecting AP classes and tests. The AP Tests Will Be Given at Home The …
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Academic Things to Do During the Quarantine

With much of the world under a stay-at-home order, you might be wondering what academic things to do during the quarantine. Fortunately, you can keep on top of your work, education, and college plans. Here are three things to keep in mind or work on in the coming weeks: Write Your College Essays Part of …