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Why You Should Memorize SAT Exam Math Formulas

Student memorizing math formulas for the SAT exam ACT & SAT
For many students, the math section is the most dreaded part of the SAT exam. The fact that the math formulas are provided on the test paper offers some degree of relief and hopefully one less thing to worry about during test prep. Before you rejoice at the news. You should know that it’s strongly …
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Don’t Forget to Do This One Thing with Your College Applications

Student proofreading her college applications college applications
It may sound obvious, but it’s surprising how many students overlook one critical step in their college applications. Proofreading. Every year, potential students send out applications that are incomplete, have typos, or poor grammar—mistakes that are entirely preventable. Slow Down, Take Your Time, Proofread Your College Applications After you’ve completed your application, don’t be in …
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Myth: You Should NEVER Guess on the SAT

Student thinking and studying for the SAT, trying to earn their highest SAT score myths
You may have heard to “never guess on the SAT,” especially from your parents or older friends or relatives. However, that is actually not true (anymore)! Here’s a rundown of what that means for you and why guessing may actually help earn you the highest SAT score: No Points Are Deducted for Wrong Answers In …
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9 Helpful Standardized Testing Tips

Student studying and learning how to take a test ACT & SAT
Standardized tests are designed to be tricky. Colleges will expect you to rise to the challenge of the ACT and SAT. Studying is important, but so is understanding the format of the tests. With the ACT/SAT, you may have to relearn how to take a test, since they’re quite different than a typical school exam. …
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3 Things to Do After You Submit Your College Applications

Students getting ready for interviews after they submit college applications college applications
After you’re done turning in your college applications, you’re not quite done with the whole “college preparation” thing. There’s plenty of other tasks that need to be completed! Here are three more to work on: Completing College Interviews Many colleges have interviews as part of the college application process. Some may be mandatory, while others …
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5 Things You Can Do During Winter Break To Impress College Admissions

Snowy Siena College campus - winter break is the perfect time to work on extracurricular activities college admissions
Winter break is the perfect time to fit in tasks that will help boost your application and impress college admissions committees. Working on essays about your extracurricular activities, volunteering, or even visiting colleges; here are a few ideas to get you started: Work on Your College Essays You want your college essay to show the …
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