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Ultimate Graduation Checklist For Parents

High school graduation marks a major milestone in your child’s life. It’s their first step into adulthood. From here on, they’ll have to learn to deal with life’s many challenges and make important decisions on their own. They’ll also have to earn a living and learn how to manage their finances on their own. Making …
What are some of the benefits of going to college online if you're a veteran?
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6 Great Alternatives to Traditional 4-Year College

Is a traditional four-year college program just not for you at the moment? Whether you don’t know what you want to do career-wise or the idea of four years in college straight out of high school, there are options available to you! Check out some great alternatives to traditional college below. Why should you consider …
Chart of SAT 2022-2023 dates.

How to Sign Up for the SAT

So it’s time to take your SAT! Before you can actually sit for the exam, you do need to sign up for it. But how do you do that, and what do you need to know before you even register for the college entrance exam? We’ll cover everything you need to know about signing up …
Student on campus - choosing early action vs early decision makes a big difference
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What Does Early Admissions Mean?

Early admissions in regard to college refers to the early application processes, generally known as Early Decision and Early Action. Here’s what you need to know about it, the benefits, and whether or not you should apply to college under early admissions. What Does Early Admissions Mean? Early admissions means the process of applying to …
defining freshman fears.
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Conquering Freshman Fears

Entering college for the first time is definitely a major life change. You’re (likely) moving out of your house, leaving the K-12 system, leaving your friends, and entering a new chapter of your life. It’s no wonder it can be scary! But know you’re not alone. There are plenty of common fears that new college …
College planning timeline and important milestones.
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College Planning Checklist

If you’re in high school, it’s never too early to start planning for college! There are quite a few things you’ll need to complete over the next four years, so this college planning checklist will help ensure you’re ticking off all the boxes of jobs you need to get done! 1. Get Involved Volunteer at …
Some internships offer college credits as compensation.
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Types of College Credits

If you’re going to college, you’re going to have to pay special attention to “credits.” These are required in order to graduate! But what are they, how do they impact your education, and what types do you need to graduate on time? What are College Credits? Every time you pass a class in college, you …
Public Speaking to an audience.
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How to Be a Better Public Speaker

Whether you have to complete a debate project for your high school government class or you need to present your thesis, public speaking can be scary! Thankfully, there are ways to cut down on that anxiety and ensure you’re properly prepared. Here’s a rundown of why public speaking is so important plus some tips to …