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What should you do if you've been waitlisted?
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What to Do If You’re Waitlisted by a College

As your college acceptance letters roll in, you’re probably wondering, “Am I accepted or rejected?” But there’s always that middle ground that could happen, too – waitlisted. So what should you do if you’re waitlisted for a class? And what shouldn’t you do? We’ll answer those two questions below. What Are College Waitlists? When a …
Photograph of college mail sent to prospective students. If you're on a college mailing list, they're more likely to accept you, right?

Myth: Colleges That Send Me Mail Are Likely to Accept Me

Many students assume the colleges which send them marketing materials in the mail are their best options. This isn’t necessarily true. In fact, some colleges send out millions of pieces of mail each year (not very targeted). Other schools only send out very little. Bottom line: being on a college mailing list does not necessarily …
Comparison showing that Cornell University and Northeastern University have similar academic profiles but much different selectivity or admissions rate

Myth: I Should Go to the Most Selective College that Accepts Me

It’s easy to convince yourself as a college applicant that the most important characteristic of a college is its selectivity or prestige. No matter how envious your friends may be if you’re accepted into selective colleges, it doesn’t mean you’ll ultimately be happy there. Here are some of the problems with judging colleges only by …
Charts showing than in 1995 only 10% of students applied to 7 or more colleges, now 29% of students do so. What are your college acceptance chances?

Myth: Applying to Fewer Colleges Boosts My Chances of Acceptance

Generally speaking, colleges don’t share admissions information with each other. The only way a college might figure out how many colleges you’re applying to is through your FAFSA, where you list each of the colleges you wish to receive a copy of your financial aid application. The number of colleges listed on a student’s FAFSA …
A student looking through a pair of binoculars.
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What Do Colleges Look for From Students?

Colleges look for more than just grades and test scores. Of course, high school grades and standardized test scores are important. But there’s also your extracurricular activities, your course selection, and some other things we detail below. Comprehensively, what do colleges look for in a student? Before detailing what colleges look for, it helps to …
This diagram shows the process of applying to a college early action and the possible outcomes.
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Is Early Action Right for Me?

Early action is an admissions process available at some schools that allows students to apply before the general application deadline of January 1st. While it definitely has some benefits for students who choose to apply early, it’s not right for everyone. So is early action worth it for you? We help you answer that question …
Chart shows the differences at a number of colleges and universities in admission rate for students that apply regular decision versus those who apply early decision.
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Should I Apply Early Decision to College?

Prepared students with a single first choice college may consider applying early decision. Early decision is binding–meaning if you apply and are accepted early decision to a college, you are expected to go there, with almost no exception. There are a lot of reasons students apply this way. Many believe it’s easier to be accepted …

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