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Remedial Classes: Bridging Learning Gaps

Key Takeaway Remedial classes provide essential support for students struggling academically. They bridge learning gaps and reinforce foundational knowledge. Despite potential drawbacks like stigmatization, they ultimately offer a pathway to academic success, increased confidence, and preparation for real-life challenges. If you’re facing difficulties in school, consider enrolling in remedial classes to strengthen your skills and …
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Common App Essay Examples

You’re 18 years old and staring at your whole life ahead of you. But you need to write an essay for the college application. One that is impactful enough to help get you into the college of your choice. It may feel like you’re just beginning your life, but you’ve already created countless memories that …
A student writing a paper. There are do's and don'ts of writing a paper
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A Comprehensive Guide to College Essay Format

Your college essay is a unique opportunity to present your personality, experiences, and aspirations. It’s a chance to go beyond test scores and transcripts to shine in the college application process truly. This is your moment to stand out, to show who you are, not just your achievements. It should demonstrate your ability to reflect …
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What Does Class Rank Reporting Mean?

You may have heard about “class rank” and wondered what it means for college applications. While we know grades and test scores matter, how much weight does your class rank hold? Let’s explore this to better understand what role your class rank report plays in college admissions. What Is Class Rank? Class rank is a …
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College Decision Day 2024

College Decision Day is usually May 1st, but a delayed Free Application for Federal Student Aid has delayed many financial aid letters. As a result, some colleges and universities are pushing back their Decision Days until May 15th or June 1st. If a student isn’t sure when they need to have their decision in by, …
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A Complete Guide to AP Exams

So you’ve signed up for an Advanced Placement (AP) class. At the end of your school year, you’ll be tasked with taking an AP exam. Doing well on this test can help you get credit for your college education and give you a head start on your degree. Use this complete guide to AP exams …
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When Do AP Exam Scores Come Out?

AP tests are regularly scheduled over a 2 week period in May. Students can expect to see their AP exam scores early to mid July. Testers can view results through the My AP Account on the College Board. Students who don’t see their test results by September 1st should contact the AP services for students. …

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