When Do AP Exam Scores Come Out?

  • AP tests are regularly scheduled over a 2 week period in May.
  • Students can expect to see their AP exam scores early to mid July.
  • Testers can view results through the My AP Account on the College Board.
  • Students who don’t see their test results by September 1st should contact the AP services for students.

Here are some things to know about sitting for your AP test, how you can view your test results, and when you can expect to see your scores this year.

When Are AP Tests?

AP tests are usually conducted over two weeks in May. The exact date of an AP test depends on the subject, so students will want to talk to their teachers about sitting for the exam. In 2024, all AP tests will be administered between May 6 and 10th and May 13 and 17th. There are exams scheduled for 8am, 12pm, and 2pm local time.

For example, Chinese Language and Culture is at 8am on Thursday May 9th 2024. Music Theory is scheduled for Wednesday May 15th at 12pm.

Early testing is not permitted by the College Board. However, AP coordinators can order alternative exams if you have course tests that are scheduled at the same time. Late-testing is also available for some students based on their circumstances.

When Do AP Exam Scores Come Out?

It generally takes two months for test scores to be released, which means they usually come out during the first two weeks of July. Note, the exact dates can vary from year to year.

Once a test release date is announced, students can expect to see test scores start to be released at around 8am.It may take a few hours, however, before yours are released, so don’t fret if you don’t see your results at 8am on the dot!

If you’re wondering why it takes 2 months to grade and release AP tests, you’re not alone. However, many of the exams contain multiple choice as well as free-response questions. These take time to review and all scores get released at the same time.

How Can You View Your AP Test Scores?

You can view your AP test results on the My AP Account on the College Board. The dashboard should clearly list your results on a score of 1-5, with 3 being a passing score, for each of the exams you took. Sadly, you will not get any further information on your exam and you can not view your answers or what you answered incorrectly.

Students can opt to download a PDF of their scores from their My AP Account, but this is optional. Teachers are able to view students’ results if they have access through the AP Course Audit.

What If You Can’t Find Your AP Score?

Most students will be able to view their AP scores by mid-July. However, delays happen and you may have to wait until August to see your results. If by September 1st you still do not have your results, the College Board recommends that you reach out to the AP services for students for further assistance.

AP tests aren’t easy and even when you’ve given it your all and know you’ve done well, waiting for those test results can be nerve-wracking! We recommend using this time to study for the ACT or SAT, check out colleges that could fit your goals, and search for scholarships that can help make college more affordable. You can also keep an eye on the College Board website for AP score release dates.

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