How to Study for Your Second ACT / SAT Test

Student studies for her second ACT test

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Many students who retake the ACT or SAT earn a higher score the second time around. It’s a fantastic way to boost your acceptance odds and qualify for more scholarships, so you should seriously consider taking the ACT / SAT more than once.

But how should you study for the second test? Should you change up your study routine or stick with what you did before?

Use Your ACT / SAT Experience

Now that you’ve sat through one of the tests, you can use that experience to your advantage. You know what to expect now. You can better prepare for something that threw you off.

Maybe you struggled to manage your time well, now you can practice moving at a steadier pace. Maybe a certain section layout confused you, but now you can review tips for that section. Or perhaps how cold the testing room was distracted you, now you’ll dress warmer.

Focus on Weak Spots

Did you score well in a certain subject, but not in another? Adjust your study schedule to focus more heavily on the subjects you didn’t do quite so well in. Study hard to boost your score. There are plenty of helpful tips, tricks, and breakdowns for each of the sections online, so be sure to do your research and improve your skills.

Try New Study Tactics

They say “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” but sometimes testing out new study strategies can actually be super helpful. If you just practiced from a test booklet last time, try partnering up with a friend and studying together.

There are dozens of ways to study for the ACT and SAT including: attending review sessions at school, using online resources, tutoring, flashcards, study groups, ACT/SAT practice booklets, reviewing past tests, and plenty more.

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