Tips for Managing Your Time on the ACT or SAT

Girl with alarm clock working on managing time on the ACT or SAT

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The ACT and SAT exams are strictly timed. This throws many first-time test-takers for a loop, making them nervous, anxious, and worried about blowing one of the biggest and most important exams they’ll ever have to take during high school. The biggest mistake you can make is underestimating the importance of managing your time on the ACT or SAT.

These few tips will help you budget your act and sat test time and save your test-taking sanity.

Familiarize Yourself with the Format

Sign up for practice sessions and get to know what types of questions are on the exams. Make sure you know how long each section is and how much time you will be given to complete it. Familiarizing yourself with the format of is a sure way to prevent any nasty surprises on the day of the exam.

Mark Tough Questions

If you’re breezing along with the easy ones in a section and suddenly hit a harder question, skip it, go back to it later, and try to tackle it after you are done answering the easy questions. You do not want to lose points on questions that you knew the answers to.

Take Practice Tests

This should have been a given. The more practice tests you take, the better you will get at managing your time and pace. The important thing is to answer practice tests under pressure, with a timer on. The ACT and SAT not only test your knowledge but also how well you perform under pressure, so managing your time on the ACT or SAT is paramount.

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