Should I Send In My ACT/SAT Test Scores To Test Optional Colleges?

University of Chicago campus - a test optional college

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Some colleges require ACT/SAT scores, others won’t demand them as part of your application. In fact, more and more colleges are becoming Test Optional. While some students might jump at the chance to not send in scores, others might want to highlight how hard they worked for a good score. So it begs the question: should you send in your ACT/SAT test scores to test-optional colleges?

Send Act Scores to Test Optional Colleges

When you apply to a Test Optional college, you can choose whether or not to submit your ACT/SAT scores along with your application. Test Optional colleges generally assess all applications holistically. They take your academic performance, extracurricular activities, recommendation letters and your personal essay into consideration when evaluating your application. Test scores play little or no role in the process. So should you send in your scores when applying to such a college? Will it make a difference?

It depends.

Are You Proud of Your Test Scores?

If you earned a high ACT/SAT score, it could help boost your chances of getting accepted into that school. Even if the admissions authorities do not use your test scores to assess your application, it wouldn’t hurt to send it anyway.

On the other hand, if your test scores are mediocre at best and you think that may hurt your chances of acceptance, you may choose not to submit it. However, you should know that if you do not submit your test scores, admissions authorities are more likely to scrutinize all the other components of your application. That means you must impress them with your academic performance, extracurricular activities and proof of leadership skills to make up for not submitting your test scores. The better your all-round performance, the higher your chances of getting accepted even without sending in your scores.

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